Nicole De Boer

Nicole de Boer has spent the bulk of her nearly 40-year acting career on the small screen. The few times she has ventured into the feature film realm, it has been of the low-budget variety. That’s not a bad thing, it just shows that her interests and talents tend to lean more toward making an impact on the TV screen. Though perhaps best known for her work in the world of Star Trek, here’s what Nicole de Boer’s career has looked like up until now and what she’s been up to these days.


Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer started her career at the age of 11. She was uncredited in a TV series called Standing Room Only. The strange thing with this is that her appearance came in 1981 and the next time she was in front of the camera came seven years later.

As a Canadian actress, de Boer spent most of her early career performing on Canadian TV. She landed a part, using the name Nikki de Boer, in the Canadian TV series 9B. Nikki then went on to a couple of other Canadian series and movies such as Street Legal, First Resort, C.B.C.’s Magic Hour, and The Kissing Place before she found herself on a few episodes of the Canadian sketch comedy show The Kids In The Hall.

This was the series that made names of comedians such as Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson. While de Boer didn’t stick around with The Kids in the Hall for long, she was able to return for their movie, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy in 1996.

The Kids in the Hall did not provide a big launching pad for her career. Looking at her body of work, it was more determination and hard work that kept Nicole de Boer moving forward.


After the sketch series, de Boer moved on to other projects that included the feature film Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil, Maniac Mansion, Catwalk, and Forever Knight. She also found time on the TV series Beyond Reality, which lasted two seasons, and Mission Genesis, which lasted only one. Her career continued on this path until she grabbed one of her most notable roles.


Ezri Dax

In 1998, now going by Nicole de Boer, she was brought on board the popular TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her character, Ezri Dax, was a Trill and was introduced after the death of the character Jadiza Dax, the latter played by Terry Farrell.

Nicole de Boer on Star Trek
Nicole de Boer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The introduction of Nicole de Boer’s character was mainly positive, with fans taking the Farrell replacement quite easily. Her new Dax character was introduced in Season 7 of the hit show and she lasted through the eighth and final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


The Dead Zone

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ended in 1999, leaving de Boer to move on to other shows. She was seen in the TV movie Rated X and on the TV series The Fearing Mind before she grabbed her next big role, one that could be considered bigger than Dax in Deep Space Nine. This one was as Sarah Bannerman in the TV series The Dead Zone, based on the novel and movie by Stephen King.

Nicole de Boer

As Sarah, Nicole de Boer played opposite lead man Anthony Michael Hall (Johnny Smith) as his ex-fiancée. Smith is involved in a car accident that leaves him in a six-year coma and when he finally wakes, he finds that his fiancée has since married the town sheriff.

He also finds out that while he was under, Sarah had his child. Oh yeah, Johnny Smith also finds out that he has a special ability to see into the past and future just by touching people. The series ran for six seasons with Nicole de Boer appearing in 72 of the show’s 81 episodes.


Now 52 years old, Nicole de Boer has continued to work steadily as an actress. She has been in a number of TV movies and series since The Dead Zone came to its conclusion.

Some of Nicole de Boer’s recent work includes TV movies such as Iron Golem, Metal Tornado, My Mother’s Secret, and Where’s My Baby. She was also part of various TV series such as Cracked, Reign, and Haven. Jumping sci-fi franchises, Nicole de Boer also pulled down a guest-starring role on the popular Stargate: Atlantis.

Plus she is still active on both Instagram and Twitter. On the latter, she can be found posting and engaging with her more than 13K fans. It’s typically shots of her daily life, out and about in the world.

On Twitter, she has a considerably bigger following with almost 54K folks on that account. There she labels herself an actress, but also a real estate agent.

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