Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Character Being Resurrected?

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The first time Trek killed off one of its lead characters–Leonard Nimoy’s Spock at the end of 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan–the franchise immediately got busy bringing him back to life; even putting Nimoy in the director’s chair for 1984’s Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Now one of the cast members of Deep Space Nine wants similar treatment. Terry Farrell wants back in on Star Trek, and it doesn’t sound like she’ll be accepting something as simple as “but your character’s dead” as an answer.

As TrekMovie reports, Terry Farrell was at the 56-Year Mission Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this week, and she wasn’t shy about her hopes to return to the franchise. Asked by a fan about the notion of resurrecting her character, Farrell was clear she wanted it to happen:

“I was actually thinking about how Spock died. Didn’t he melt, basically? He saved everyone’s life. And then he just came back… and there he was. And Kirk kind of went, ‘Oh, there he is.’  And everyone nodded and said, ‘Yes, he’s back!’ I want that moment for me… Exactly how you bring her back, it’s no big f—ing deal.”

–Terry Farrell at the 56-Year Mission Star Trek convention
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Terry Farrell in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

On one hand, she certainly has a point about it being “no big f—ing deal.” The franchise is littered with potential explanations for just about any character’s resurrection. From time travel to a wealth of characters like John de Lancie’s Q who can render anything possible with a snap of their fingers (including resurrecting the dead, as Q did to Star Trek: Picard‘s Elnor earlier this year) most barriers to the return of Terry Farrel to Star Trek are as easy to breach as tissue paper. There is, however, one complication that may give fans pause, or at least give the storytellers at least a little bit more trouble.

Terry Farrell’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character Jadzia Dax was a Trill; a race whose members, or at least some of them, share their lives with slug-like aliens that live inside them. When the Trill dies, the symbiont is transferred to a new Trill who carries with them not only the memories and personality of the symbiont, but the memories of all the Trill it’s shared its time with. Jadzia Dax was murdered by Gul Dukat (Marc Alaimo) in DS9‘s Season 6 finale, and in the final moments of the Season 7 premiere, we meet Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer) who is now joined with Jadzia’s symbiont. So, fans might wonder, if Jadzia were resurrected, would it mean the death of Ezri?

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Nicole de Boer in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Regardless of how it would be achieved, it seems more than likely that fans would embrace the return of Terry Farrell to Star Trek, particularly after the release of the 2018 documentary What We Left Behind. While in the past Farrell had presumably chosen to be more tight-lipped about her departure from the series–usually implying that it was a blessing in disguise because she was tired of the long hours required–in the doc the actress was brought to tears talking about when she left. Farrell left when contract negotiations broke down between her and the studio and, among other things, Farrell said an unnamed producer told her she should agree to whatever the studio wanted because if she wasn’t on DS9, she’d be “working at K-Mart.” The story won Farrell a lot of sympathetic anger from fans, and in most likelihood those same fans would be willing to forgive a storytelling error here and there if it led to Jadzia’s return.

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