Katie Sigmond

They are called social media influencers for a reason, bringing eyes to the internet, typically advertising a brand or themselves. Some go for the crazy stunts, while others choose to remove what little clothing they are wearing to gain their viewership. Katie Sigmond is part of this new generation of social media influencers, a group that has no defined lines as to how far they will go.


Blame it on the Kardashians. More often than not, this new wave of social media influencers is becoming younger and younger, as evidenced by Katie Sigmond. She started her social media barrage back in 2019 as a 17-year-old when she began to dot TikTok with a series of exercise videos.

Soon, though, Katie Sigmond realized what exactly was going to bring the eyes to her social media and she began to populate her Instagram and TikTok with photos that were much racier.


Katie Sigmond

The basic rule is there is no publicity that is bad publicity. For Katie Sigmond, she is now testing that theory. While she is no doubt enjoying the fruits of her OnlyFans labor, sometimes planned stunts don’t go as actually planned, and, in turn, they can backfire.

Katie Sigmond thought she was just going to record a video of herself hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon. As you may be well aware, social media influencers go to enormous lengths (which we will soon discuss) in order to gain notoriety and attention. The more eyes they attract, the bigger their payday.

It was obvious that Katie Sigmond wasn’t thinking when she decided to tee one up at the edge of the Grand Canyon National Park. But tee it up she did and let it fly.

For those who haven’t followed Katie on social media, she often posts videos of herself playing golf and making various golf shots, so her picking up the sticks and knocking one into the Grand Canyon is not a random event, just a random location.

The phone cameras began to roll as she stood at the edge, golf ball and club at the ready. She took her swing and as the ball flew out into the canyon, so did her golf club. Still not thinking, Katie Sigmond decided to post the video to her TikTok that very same day.

It quickly made the rounds and just as quickly authorities were wanting to know about the young blonde littering into the Grand Canyon. It didn’t take long for them to get Katie Sigmond’s name.

The Grand Canyon National Park Service took to Instagram with a picture frozen in time of Katie and her golf club soaring high out and above the canyon.

They began their caption with this: “Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?’” Then, the park service went on to describe the event, which took place on October 26, 2022, near the canyon edge at Mather Point. They then went on to say that the culprit had been identified and that “charges and a court appearance for the individual are pending.”

Charges did come for Katie Sigmond, who eventually admitted it was her in the video. According to Joelle Baird, a Grand Canyon National Park’s Office of Public Affairs spokeswoman, Katie was initially charged with littering, tossing items into the Grand Canyon, and creating hazardous conditions with disorderly conduct. These charges came with the threat of up to six months of jail time.

In the end, Katie Sigmond received a fine of $285 with no jail time. She did, finally, take to her TikTok to explain in full detail what she did, where she went wrong, and just how sorry she was for the embarrassing stunt.

“The reason I haven’t spoke on the situation,” said Katie at the beginning of her TikTok video, “is because I did want to handle it privately with court and my parents but I feel that it is no further than right for me to come on here and explain what happened.”

“I visited the Grand Canyon with my family and a couple of friends and I decided to hit a golf ball into it not knowing how disrespectful it was towards the environment…and I honestly wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t educated, and I was dumb and I made the wrong decision to do that and I a hundred percent take blame for it.”

“Therefore, I want to come on here and say how sorry I am, how much I apologize to all the families and people that travel very far to come visit this very beautiful national park.”

As expected, Katie Sigmond’s apology was hit with mass indifference from a generation not used to understanding nor following rules. Some comments included: “like a golf ball is gonna take down the whole grand canyon,” or “It’s just a golf ball” or “almost got cancelled for a golf ball! What a world.”

It doesn’t appear that her Grand Canyon stunt fiasco news will be dying any time soon, so Katie Sigmond went to her social media to address it (hopefully for the last time).

Sigmond posted her latest TikTok with what we hope is a tongue-in-cheek caption – “when you golf into the grand canyon with the intentions of getting a cool video for ur fans but end up with almost 6 months of jail time, bashed on sports illustrated, new york times, tons of other news sites & get put on actual television news.”


Some of these new social media influencers – Corinna Kopf, Ava Louise – know how to draw attention and the OnlyFans website appears to be the place to go. You can add Katie Sigmond to that list as well.

Just like Kopf and Louise, Sigmond is not shy about her assets, though she evidently doesn’t go as far as some of the other OnlyFans influencers. And it appears that she may be pivoting away from the website soon.

Katie Sigmond spoke with Money Buys Happiness where she talked about first getting on OnlyFans and then looking to move away from it. About getting started with OnlyFans, Katie says she was “very against it…I wouldn’t say I got forced into it, but I got talked into by a lot of people to do it because I built a fan base based on my body.”

“I never, actually, showed anything too much. I’m pushing away a little bit from OnlyFans and getting onto the YouTube grind.” Katie Sigmond admits that the income from OnlyFans is great, but she now wants people to know her for her personality. You can see her interview below.


It is hard to discount this new generation of social media influencers with the numbers they are pulling down. For Katie Sigmond, those numbers are huge. On TikTok alone, she has over 7.2 million followers with nearly 330 million likes to all the videos she has posted.

On Instagram, she can claim over 3.1 million followers, numbers that all figure into her estimated net worth of $11.4 million.

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