Farscape’s Creator Is Bringing This Amazing Warren Ellis Comic Series To TV

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GlobalFreqRockne S. O’Bannon earned our eternal devotion by giving us Farscape, so we’ll pretty much follow him anywhere at this point. That being said, those journeys don’t always work out — sometimes they dead end in something like The CW’s troubled Cult or the frustrating Revolution. Nevertheless, I’m hugely stoked for his next TV project: an adaptation of Warren Ellis’ excellent Vertigo comic series Global Frequency. That enthusiasm is only dampened by the network involved: sigh, Fox.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. TV and Jerry Bruckheimer are developing a Global Frequency pilot for Fox, with O’Bannon writing the script. If you’re not familiar with the comic, it’s one of those concepts that lends itself perfectly to the TV format. The story focuses on “a privately funded crime-fighting operation that uses worldwide crowd-sourcing to solve crimes the police cannot.” The group is headed by the enigmatic Miranda Zero and consists of 1,001 people around the world, each with unique skills and who can be activated via their phones. Sort of “crowdsourced crisis management,” if you will.