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Dan Hayhurst is known as the fourth (but is technically the fifth) husband of internationally renowned Canadian-American model Pamela Anderson. Anderson has been soaking up the rays of the limelight since she was selected as Playmate of the Month in the February 1990 edition of Playboy Magazine.

The actress and model built a bigger audience for herself when she appeared in the first two seasons of Home Improvement and then later played C.J. Parker in five seasons of Baywatch

Anderson was unceremoniously tossed back into the limelight in 2022 when a mini-series about her marriage with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and the infamous stolen sex tape was created for Hulu. Anderson has famously refused to watch the docuseries about her life and how porn producers made millions off of her stolen tape, evidently furious that people are still profiting off of her private material nearly 30 years later.

Pamela Anderson is known for striking up whirlwind romances that don’t seem to last. Since 1995, Anderson has been married six times, twice to the same person (Rick Soloman) and one marriage that only lasted 12 days before it was annulled. Anderson’s marriage with Dan Hayhurst was a pandemic-brewed relationship that ended abruptly after one year of marriage at the beginning of 2022.

But who is Dan Hayhurst? How did he manage to meet and woe one of the world’s most famous models? And why did the marriage ultimately end in what Anderson has described as a “disaster”? 


Unlike Pamela Anderson’s previous high-profile partners, not much is known about Canadian builder Dan Hayhurst. Hayhusrt was an average Canadian construction builder before he met Anderson in 2020 while working on her home on Vancouver Island. At some point during his relationship with the actress and model, Hayhurst also became Anderson’s personal bodyguard.

Like Anderson, Dan Hayhurst is an animal activist. In December 2020, roughly a year after Anderson and Hayhurst began dating, RASTA Sanctuary posted to Instagram their thanks to Anderson and Hayhurst for their help constructing a new barn.

According to the post, Anderson surprised the animal sanctuary by covering the cost of the concrete foundational construction for the barn, and Hayhurst worked as the primary builder on the project.

The more intimate details of Dan Hayhurt’s life are relatively unknown to the public. It’s estimated that Hayhurst is between the ages of 43 and 47 as of 2023, having probably been born between 1976 and 1980. 

It is also estimated that Dan Hayhurst has earned a net worth of between $3 million and $4 million from his construction business. While this estimate puts Hayhurst in the top one percent, it’s certainly less than Anderson’s net worth of approximately $20 million at the time of their relationship.

After the couple separated, Anderson said in an interview with The Sunday Times that during her relationship with Hayhurst, she was always the one to pay for everything.


Dan Hayhurst
From Loose Women

In what should have been an adorable meet-cute if the couple had stuck it out, Dan Hayhurst met Pamela Anderson after being contracted to work on her private residence on Vancouver Island at the beginning of 2020. A native to Vancouver himself, the pair immediately hit it off and felt an instant spark.

A few short weeks later, the global pandemic forced Anderson to stay close to home, giving the model and actress ample opportunity to get to know Hayhurst even better.

The forced proximity to one another caused by the global shutdown allowed Dan Hayhurst and Anderson to get to know one another quicker than the average budding relationship. Their romance came on fast and furious, and the pair were married within the year.


In an intimate ceremony at Pamela Anderson’s home, Dan Hayhurst and Anderson got married on Christmas Eve, 2020. The pair wed on the property that Anderson bought from her grandparents 25 years previously, on the exact same spot where Anderson’s grandparents also got married. Since Anderson’s grandparents were still together after so many years, the actress and model saw herself getting married in the same spot as a sign of good luck between her and Hayhurst.

For her bride’s bouquet, Anderson collected pine needles from her property and tied them with an olive branch to represent peace, roses to attract romantic love, an exotic orchid to attract passionate love, and baby’s breath to signify the new beginning she and Dan Hayhurst were about to share.


Pamela Anderson’s most famous husband was Tommy Lee from the heavy metal rock band Motley Crue. Anderson notoriously married Lee in 1995 after knowing him for only 96 hours. The pair got married on a beach and told no one, not even Anderson’s mother, who found out from People Magazine.

Anderson’s relationship with Lee was tumultuous and violent, with Lee being sentenced to six months in jail for spousal abuse. The couple divorced in 1998 after having two sons together.

After Lee, Anderson married Kid Rock in 2006, four marriages and three husbands before she met Dan Hayhurst. Anderson and Kid Rock were only married a year before the couple separated, likely due to a mention of Anderson’s sex tape in the film Borat

Next, Anderson would meet and marry Rick Saloman, an American poker player who had something in common with Anderson—Saloman also had an infamous sex tape, one that he’d made with Paris Hilton. The couple would marry in October 2007 and then have the marriage annulled in February 2008.

Then, Anderson would marry the poker player again in 2014 before divorcing him for the final time in 2015, making the nuptials between Salomon and Anderson the actress’s third and fourth marriages.

The American film producer Jon Peters (known for 1976 A Star is Born) would become Anderson’s fourth husband and the last one before Dan Hayhurst. However, Anderson claims that this marriage doesn’t count because she and Peters were only married for 12 days before they had it annulled. She also claims that she never sent in the paperwork, so it was never official anyway.

Anderson’s brief two-week marriage with Peters occurred in January 2020, likely only weeks before Anderson met Dan Hayhurst for the first time. Like most of her marriages, Anderson married Hayhurst fairly quickly after she met him, tying the knot in December 2020 before getting divorced in January 2022.


When Pamela Anderson first met Dan Hayhurst, she found it refreshing to be with a regular guy, even revealing on the talk show Loose Women how it was nice to be with a man who could “change a lightbulb.” 

Apparently, the appeal of being with your average Joe didn’t sit with Anderson for very long because after she split with Dan Hayhurst, the model and actress described in The Sunday Times how “stupid” she had been to get together with the builder.

Anderson described her marriage with Hayhurst to be the worst of any of her previous relationships because she ended up being the one to always pay for everything as well as do all of the cooking and cleaning. The actress and model said she ended up filing for divorce as quickly as she could. 


Pamela Anderson Lily James

After ending one more disastrous relationship at the end of a long line of disastrous relationships, it’s no wonder Pamela Anderson won’t watch the Hulu miniseries, Pam & Tommy. Released only a month after Anderson divorced her last husband, Dan Hayhurst, the drama and trauma from her first relationship with Tommy Lee was suddenly on display for everyone to see. 

Pam & Tommy was produced without Anderson’s consent and dramatizes an already dramatic moment in the actress and model’s life. The series shows how Aderson and Lee’s sex tape was stolen and distributed without their authorization, earning porn producers more than $77 million at the time. Anderson has spoken out about how she sees Hulu reenacting the events of her past as just another third party aiming to profit off of her dirty laundry. 

Pam & Tommy star Lily James had reportedly sent Anderson a letter explaining how she meant to honor the actress and model by taking the part, but Anderson says she refused to read it, just as she refuses to watch the show. As a way to take her life back into her control, Anderson has teamed up with Netflix to tell her story her way, detailing her life all the way from the infamous tape to her latest husband Dan Hayhurst.

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