See The New Tesla Semi Truck Cruising Down The Highway

The new invention from Elon Musk is that of a Tesla semi-truck, which was spotted driving on the highway briefly, as the truck is likely still being tested.

By James Brizuela | Published

tesla semi

Tesla has certainly been starting to expand on what the company initially provided in terms of automobiles. The company currently offers the Model S and Model 3, which both look like sedans. The Model X looks to be more like the SUV option for the company. The Model Y is more of a compact version of the sedans. Apart from these cars, the company was also showing off the Cybertruck, which looks right like something right out of the movie Blade Runner. Now it appears as if the company is expanding further, as a Tesla semi-truck was spotted on a highway in California. You can see the vehicle below:

Although we are given only a quick glance at this new Tesla semi-truck, it looks to be just as futuristic as the Cybertruck is. The simplistic and sleek design shines in the sun, as the video shows a good look at the upcoming truck for the Elon Musk-ran car company. The beige coloring of the cab looks to be a good fit. That is all that we can is the cab of the semi. There is no wheels or product being dragged by the cab of the vehicle. What is interesting is that the windshield seems to wrap around completely to the doors, instead of being broken into segments, much like normal semi-trucks often look like. This wrapped-around windshield design might give drivers a lot more vision while driving on the road.

Reports have stated that this Tesla-semi truck is still in the testing stages, which is likely why it was captured driving on a highway. The initial production of this vehicle was supposed to happen in 2019 but had been delayed to 2020, 2021, and in 2022. That makes sense as the world is currently still in the throes of the pandemic. Tesla has reportedly begun a soft production for the vehicle late last year, and people can reserve their own for $20,000. Honestly, that is not entirely that much money for this new truck. We were expecting a lot more. Even more interesting is that this new semi-truck is electric. We wonder how truck drivers plan to charge these monstrous vehicles.

The new Tesla semi-truck is apparently supposed to be headed for a full 2023 release. There are rumors that the trucks might be released as fleet vehicles for certain companies, so they can be fully tested as well, though those reports have not been confirmed. Either way, this is certainly an interesting direction that is being taken by one of the biggest car companies in the world.

Elon Musk has taken this car company and turned it into one of the most profitable in the world, and that has a ton to do with the innovation that has occurred in the vehicles that have already been created. We are interested to see what the Tesla semi-truck has to offer apart from being electric. Most of the sedans contain a self-driving function, so it would be amazing to see that incorporated into a semi-truck. Maybe then drivers can get some sleep while their truck continues. Ok, that does sound a bit dangerous, but it could happen.