Every American Is Getting High-Speed Internet As Part Of New Biden Plan

President Joseph Biden has a high-speed internet plan for every American.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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High-speed internet is becoming more and more a necessity as modern civilization finds more of life being tied to internet accessibility. Many people believe that internet services should be regulated as a public utility just like water and electricity. In the meantime, some politicians have been trying to get bills passed that would fund the expansion of accessible internet to unserved areas of the country. And it looks like President Joseph Biden is getting in on the action with his own plan to get high-speed internet to as many households as possible.

The President has revealed his “American Jobs Plan” to the tune of $2 trillion. the infrastructure and jobs strategy will contain funding for a number of endeavors such as public transportation, assistance with consumers trying to purchase electric vehicles, semiconductor manufacturing, and a sweeping plan for expanding broadband high-speed internet. When asked how this sweeping plan will be funded, an administration official responding by saying that it will be paid for by making changes to the corporate tax rate. Yes, it sounds like big businesses will actually be made to pay some significant taxes. That will prevent companies like Zoom from avoiding any federal income tax like they did this past year during the pandemic.

Of that $2 trillion, President Joseph Biden has set aside $100 billion for the broadband expansion of high-speed internet. The package is calling for 100 percent broadband coverage by the end of the decade which is a very lofty but noble ideal to strive for. The plan will prioritize internet networks that are associated with nonprofits, cooperatives, and local governments. It will also promise funding for similar projects on tribal lands. There is no doubt that this initiative is the most encouraging and immense as far as any comparable plan in recent years.

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High-speed internet is not the only big target for President Joseph Biden’s new strategy. The plan has rebates and tax incentives to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles. Along with that, Biden has also announced plans to convert the entire federal fleet to electric power. This would include all of the service trucks for the United States Postal Service. There is also $50 billion set aside to help boost domestic manufacturing of semiconductors. This feels especially important right now since shortages have become a real issue since the coronavirus pandemic affected so much trade over the globe. President Biden actually signed an executive order in February that would review the supply chain for semiconductors. It seems like this is a priority issue for the President.

Now that it seems like other government spending endeavors like the Space Force might be destined for the dustbin, perhaps providing high-speed internet can become more of a priority for Americans. The internet is only going to become more integral to our lives, and the coronavirus pandemic has really revealed just how important it is to keeping our modern civilization functioning properly. Hopefully, the President’s plan can be enacted and will help make the lives of American citizens significantly better over the next decade.