Trump Just Returned To Social Media, See His First Post

Donald Trump made a post on his social media platform Truth Social on Friday and it was a call back to his old days on Twitter

By Doug Norrie | Published

donald trump

Donald Trump was one of the true lightning rod social media folks we’ve ever seen. Love him or hate him (and you likely stand very clearly on one side of those two aisles), there’s no doubt he used social media, especially Twitter to his advantage over the years. If anything, one could assert that he basically won the Presidency on the back of his “ability” to draw a crowd on these platforms, to draw controversy, and to basically draw attention. Well, now he’s back on social media, this time on a platform that his company helped create. If there’s any way to make sure you stay on social media platforms, it’s to actually own the company. 

On Friday, Donald Trump made his first post on Truth Social as an official member of the platform and he had sure to have a little fun with the whole prospect of being able to post again. In his message, the former President is shown outside his residence in Mar-a-Largo, standing on the green lawn in front of the main building, holding a phone on which he’s presumably sending out the first message. Is it incredibly staged? Of course, one would expect nothing less. But in the caption, there’s a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of the odder slip-ups during his Presidential campaign. Check out the first post from Donald Trump:

With #COVFEFE, Donald Trump is referring to the Tweet he sent out back in the wee hours of May 31, 2017 saying “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Did anyone know what covfefe meant? No, and that included (almost assuredly) Donald Trump himself. It’s not a word in the English language and was almost definitely a typo. But in very Donald Trump-like fashion, no explanation was ever given. He let it hang there for everyone to wonder about and dissect its meaning and it just made him an even bigger social media star. Harkening back to it now on Truth Social has to make you smile just a little bit even if you don’t like the guy. 

Of course, we can’t go back and look at that original “covfefe” tweet because we can’t go back and look at the Twitter account for Donald Trump. He was banned from the platform following the events of the January 6th riots at the Capitol in Washington, DC. It was during this time when Trump was still fiercely contesting the results of the Presidential election, and the nomination of Joe Biden. Social media companies like Twitter began taking him off of the platform. The assertion was that he was spreading disinformation, among other things. 

Donald Trump, through his Trump Media & Technology Group, has created Truth Social to, in their words, uphold free speech. Whether that comes to pass over the timeline of its use remains to be seen. It seems to be doing well enough in acquiring users early with the app ranking number one in the App Store in terms of downloads with an estimated 1.4 million downloads since it first became available.