The Best Thing You’ll See Today: We’re Trekkies And We Know It

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

As we all know, Trekkies are some of the most passionate and unapologetic fans in the world. They don’t care what you think of them, it doesn’t bother them to be called nerds, but they will go to battle if you think Star Wars is the superior franchise. Call them nerds, dorks, dweebs, whatever you want, but the adoring Star Trek fans are one thing and one thing alone… true.

And perhaps no Trekkies have ever been more true to their love of Cpt. James T. Kirk et al. than these three gentlemen we’re about to witness. Unashamed by their fandom and gawky awkwardness, these three guys step up to the plate and deliver a hilarious parody of LMFAO’s I’m Sexy And I Know It. Check it out below.

Disregarding the fact that they look like a rejected cast of the Big Bang Theory, these guys are hilarious, making it known that not only are they huge fans of their worshipped God Gene Roddenberry, but also that they took their dance lessons from what had to have been the whitest kids on the block.

The video pretty much says it all. These guys are Trekkies and they’re aware of this, and they aren’t afraid to just be themselves in a hyper-superficial world. More power to them. These guys rock.

Here’s something interesting, even the thesaurus thinks Trekkies are nerds…