World War Z’s Every Sin Collected In One Convenient Video

By Brent McKnight | Updated

It’s safe to say that many, if not most of us, expected World War Z to be a raging train wreck when it hit theaters this past summer. News of extensive reshoots had made headlines for months, and multiple high profile writers were brought in to completely revamp the final act. Neither of those is ever taken as a good sign, and we were worried. And weren’t we all surprised when the adaptation of Max Brooks’ best selling zombie novel actually turned out to be a pretty damn good movie. I was as surprised as anyone. Though it’s a fun horror action flick, World War Zis far, far from perfect. Just in case you had deluded yourself into thinking it was a flawless gem, the good people at Cinema Sins are back with the latest in their “Everything Wrong With…” series, with “Everything Wrong With World War Z In Six Minutes Or Less.”

The pace of World War Z is really what drives the film along. As Brad Pitt’s UN worker Gerry Lane flits from place to place across the globe, so do you the viewer. You’re constantly on the move, never really slowing down for more than a brief moment or two between zombie attacks, and because of this perpetual motion, you let some pretty big faux pas slide.

When all the gaffs and questionable choices that characters make are laid out like they are in this video, you start to reconsider your view of the film somewhat. It’s amazing what you can gloss over when you’re hypnotized by a slick production and an elevated tempo. There really are some terrible clichés, like the kid with asthma and the car that won’t start. (But we don’t know much about the zombies, maybe they cause electrical malfunctions… yeah, I’m not even going to try to justify that one with hypotheticals.) And don’t even get me started on the magical, silent truck that came out of nowhere. (How did it plow through all those cars that fast without making a sound?) Not to mention the RV that is abandoned, and not blocked in by any part of the massive, nasty traffic jam.

Watching World War Z, you definitely take note of the weird, “Hey, Israel, let’s all stop what we’re doing, ignore guarding this wall for a minute, and sing really loud for a while” moment. Out of all of the many strange decisions, this is the one that stands out above the rest. It’s the most obviously staged scene in a movie full of obviously staged scenes. It does, however, lead to my favorite bit in this video, when the narrator refers to the film as The Walking Dead Hears A Who. That’s a pretty good time right there.

Lucky for you, World War Z is now out on home video so you can relive all the flaw for yourself.