New Two-Volume Harlan Ellison Set Includes Early Short Stories And Never-Published Screenplay

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Even if you’ve never read a word by him, you almost certainly know the name Harlan Ellison. Over his 50-plus years of writing, he has become a larger-than-life, occasionally controversial icon in the world of speculative fiction. But strip away all the crazy tales of Ellison suing James Cameron over the Terminator movies or mailing a dead gopher to the comptroller of a publishing company, and what you’re left with is one of the most talented writers in recent memory, especially in his short fiction. I’m betting we’ve got a few Ellison fans out there in GFR land, so you’ll want to pay attention to this: a new two-volume Ellison set has just gone on sale, and in addition to including some never-before-collected material, you can also get the set personalized and signed by Ellison himself.

The first is None of the Above, featuring one of Ellison’s never-before-published screenplays. Second is Rough Beasts, which assembles 17 early short stories by Ellison, which have never been collected together before. The set is now available for pre-order from Edgeworks Abbey. The set costs $75, and each copy of Rough Beasts is signed by Ellison. Even better, if you pre-order the set through next Tuesday, November 6th, you’ll not only get the book signed, but Ellison will also personalize it to whomever you request. You can order a copy, or find out more details, including how to get your copy personalized by Ellison, right here.

None of the Above

  • Harlan Ellison’s never-before-published 238-page, unproduced screenplay adaptation of Norman Spinrad’s Hugo Award-nominated novel BUG JACK BARRON that was to have been directed by Costa-Gavras (Z) for Universal Pictures in the early 1980s.
  • Updated by Ellison for this publication and never more relevant than in an election year.
  • Respected film critic and historian LEONARD MALTIN has written an insightful introduction with input from Ellison on why-after nearly 30 years-the film has still never been made.
  • This paperback book includes Ellison’s original casting suggestions from 1983 so you can “see the movie in your mind” with the faces Ellison imagined for each role.

Rough Beasts

  • This brand new 200-page paperback anthology assembles seventeen never-before-collected pulp stories from the 1950s.
  • Includes-for the first time since its original publication in the April 1957 issue of SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION-“Invulnerable,” which STEPHEN KING described as “…one of my favorite stories…” when it nearly appeared in Ellison’s 1982 collection, STALKING THE NIGHTMARE. It’s taken 30 years, but “Invulnerable” is finally available again.
  • Every story has been revised by the author specifically for this collection.
  • Stories include: “Invulnerable” (1957), “Like Father, Like Son” (1957), “Walk the Ceiling” (1957), “The Kissing Dead” (1956, written with Henry Slesar), “Across the Silent Days” (1958), “Star Route” (1955), “Backlash!” (1956), “Machine Silent, Machine Yearning” (1957), “Way of an Assassin” (1958), “Fool’s Mate” (1958), “The Untouchable Adolescents” (1956), “The Little Boy Who Loves Cats” (1954), “Parasite” (1955), “Up the Down Escalator” (1955), “Glug” (1958), “Hit-Skip” (1957), and “Why Did Wallace Crack?” (1956).
  • For years, Ellison has bought and gleefully torn up copies of DOOMSMAN offered to him in autograph lines, but now’s your chance to have him sign this revised version-appearing for the first time under the author’s preferred title: “Way of an Assassin”-in ROUGH BEASTS.
  • A beautiful wraparound cover by C. Scott Morse.

Header image by Chris Cuffaro

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