Trailer For Last Man Alive Flick Juan In A Million

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The last-man-left-on-Earth story is one of the coolest subsets of science fiction. Few situations are as inherently creepy as walking through a cityscape, an environment usually teaming with other people, and discovering that you’re completely alone. That’s the basic premise behind Juan in a Million from co-directors Sergio Allard, Denis Arqueros, and Nicolas Klein. The indie has been hitting the festival circuit, and now there’s a trailer for you perusal.

While Juan in a Million doesn’t look particularly groundbreaking, it could be a nice little thriller. One December morning, Juan Pablo Garcia (Allard) wakes up with the goal of delivering his application to Harvard. There was a massive party, and a summer full of possibilities ahead of him, but something is off. There’s no one around. Anywhere. Everyone has disappeared, leaving Juan as the last human being left alive. Or is he?

That’s one of the two key questions at the center of Juan in a Million, and other movies of this ilk. Is he really the last person left, or are there others hidden someplace? The other vital question is, what the hell happened, and why?

There’s potential in this set up. You have the character’s mental state to contend with, his search for other survivors, and his quest for answers, so that if handled right, even something you’ve seen before can work pretty well. Those images of Juan wandering down the middle of an empty street are nice and spooky, and who among us wouldn’t drive a fast car at full speed down the middle of a deserted urban street if given the chance?

Look for Juan in a Million on DVD early in the new year.

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