Star Trek: The Video Game Featurette Reveals Diverse Gameplay

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Star Trek Into Darkness is easily one of the most talked-about, most anticipated movies of the summer, but there’s another potentially awesome voyage into the Trek universe on the horizon as well.

Star Trek: The Video Game is set to release on April 23rd, giving Trekkies and gamers alike the chance to play through a new, in-canon adventure involving Kirk and Spock. Now a new behind-the-scenes video has revealed tons of details about what we should expect from the game. Check it out:

We already knew that co-op play will be a major part of the new Trek game, and you can see this in the video during a sequence where Spock is helping guide a wounded Kirk, with Kirk blasting away at enemies as he hobbles along. This video also further reveals how Kirk and Spock’s gameplay style will vary. In keeping with their personalities, Kirk is a brash, charge-ahead kind of guy, so he’ll be focused on straight-up gunplay. Spock, on the other hand, tends to prefer a quieter, more subtle approach, and in the game this amounts to him being a stealth-based character. The video also confirms what we’d suspected before, that Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinch serves as the game’s version of the “stealth takedown.”

It looks like the Star Trek tie-in is going to have some diverse gameplay, which is always good to help break up the monotony of shooting a thousand people in a row. There are a couple of variations on sky- or space-diving, echoing Kirk and company’s descent onto the Romulan mining drill in the first Abrams film. The game will also incorporate space battles, but it looks like they’ll be just as shooter-based as the rest of the game, with you piloting the Enterprise and aiming her weapons yourself, rather than “giving orders” from the bridge. That might disappoint some who prefer a more strategic approach, but there’s always Star Trek Online for that.

The vid also gives us some great looks at the lizardlike Gorn, who are a lot less rubber-suit-y in the Abrams universe, and who serve as one of the primary enemies in the game.

Star Trek: The Video Game releases April 23rd on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.