It’s Spock! Do You Care?

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

If you saw the new Mr. Spock himself, actor Zachary Quinto, walking down the street, how would you react? Would you pull out your phone and snap a clandestine picture? Would you introduce yourself, maybe get a photo with him to put on your Facebook wall? Or would you just leave him be and talk about it later on the message boards?

What if some screaming jackass with a microphone, a camera crew, and an embarrassed-looking Quinto in tow ran up to you on the street and hollered, “It’s Spock, it’s Spock, do you care?” Because that’s the premise of this new video from Funny of Die.

Even Quinto doesn’t look like he finds this situation funny or enjoyable at all. You half expect him to turn and walk away at any moment. This may only be a two-minute video, but it still manages to go on for way too long. Honestly, by the end I was only watching in the hopes that an irate pedestrian would punch Billy Eicher—aka the asshole with the mic—in the face. Alas, that hope was dashed.

The main lessons you walk away from this video with is that random people on the streets of New York City don’t like being accosted with a camera, and that they are thoroughly unimpressed by the presence of Zachary Quinto, regardless of the fact that he’s actually been on the Starship Enterprise.

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