Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Rudie’s Picks

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

WWZThe Zombie Outbreak (World War Z)
Of course, not every memorable moment is memorable for good reasons. While I was extremely lukewarm on World War Z, there’s no denying that the zombie film was a big, stupid hit! The film started off with so much promise, but it was completely squandered in the opening action sequence. The filmmakers established Brad Pitt’s character of Gerry Lane and his loving family, but they did nothing to raise the stakes for Lane or the audience. Confusion and mayhem is king when it comes to the amazing zombie outbreak at the beginning of the film. We see fast-moving zombies that will stop at nothing to eat and kill humans. But it quickly turns into a neutered melee that is all bark and absolutely no bite.

Think about it, you’re sitting in traffic and all of a sudden you are confronted with a horde of fast-moving zombies behind you. That would make anyone hightail it to higher ground. However, while the zombies are preying on bystanders in a ferocious tidal wave, Lane and his family get away without a scratch on them. I knew from that moment that World War Z was going to be a zombie movie without any tension or gore. If just one of his daughters, or wife, would’ve been a victim of the zombie outbreak, that would’ve made for a more interesting movie. The audience would’ve been invested in Lane’s quest, instead of mildly entertained by zombie-action nonsense.

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