Plan Your Next Vacation With Science Fiction Travel Posters

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Are you stressed out? Do you need an excuse to take some time off, go someplace beautiful with your loved ones, or even alone? Are you just wanting to get away to somewhere else? Well sure, you could take the fam out to the beach. Or you could climb in the car for some good old-fashioned road tripping. But why not think bigger? Why not get your ass to Mars?

Still not your cup of tea? Well, how about heading to beautiful, scenic Solaris. You’ll find comfy accommodations, entertainingly eccentric locals, and quite possibly some of your dead family members!

These sci-fi travel posters are the work of artist Dean Walton. His series of five posters are all variations on a single, simplistic design, but I love all the little details he’s put in, from the corporate logos to the slogans up at the top. Between that and his use of color, it’s surprising how each poster feels like its own unique thing, despite all basically being pretty similar when it comes to the basic image.

If you’re thinking these puppies would look nice on your office wall, prints are available for sale right here. And if nothing else, Walton’s website might be worth bookmarking to see what else he puts out in the future. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go buy tickets for a trip to this lovely, quaint backwater planet named LV-426. I’m practically bursting with excitement!

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