Michael Bay Says Leaked Transformers Script Might Be Real, But Not For The New Movie

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


If you were paying attention to your GFR feed yesterday, you likely noticed that a supposed Transformers 4 script had leaked online, complete with some very spoiler-y spoilers concerning the upcoming sequel/sort-of-reboot-but-not-really set to star Mark Wahlberg. These bits included a surprising pick for the villain as well as an even more surprising details about the daughter of Wahlberg’s character. That was all well and good, but then Michael Bay chimed in via his website and called shenanigans on the entire thing, insisting that the script was a fake. Today, however, Bay has sounded off again, and it turns out that script might be the real deal after all…sort of.

Spoilers regarding the leaked script below!

Bay tacked a “P.S.” onto his original post regarding the script, and explained that it could be a genuine Transformers document, but it’s not what we assumed. Here’s Bay:

I bet it is something from Hasbro. This time they are not doing a comic book of the movie because we want to keep our story under wraps. It must be their version of a comic themed Transformers story they are creating.

That’s believable enough. The Transformers franchise has had a long life on the comic shelf over the decades, even before Bay’s 2007 film renewed interest in the Autobot and Decepticons. The leaked script introduces the planet-sized ‘bot Unicron as the villain, and the colossal scale involved in that would certainly lend itself to the comics page, where the scope of the story is limited only by the imaginations of the writers and artists. So this could very well be as Bay describes it, a leaked document for something non-movie-related that Hasbro has in the works.

On the other hand…

It’s worth pointing out that, a few months back when rumors first spread that Bay wanted Mark Wahlber for the lead role in Transformers 4, the director took to his webpage — just as he has now — and shot down the idea. But then he soon backpedaled a bit, and less than a month after the initial rumors, Wahlberg was confirmed for the lead on the film. Does that mean that the leaked script is the genuine article and Bay is just doing damage control to keep us guessing? Not necessarily. But it’s worth noting that you should always take any rumors and subsequent denials from Hollywood with a grain of salt, because even if the rumors are true, that doesn’t mean they’ll admit it.

You can read our original story about the leaked script, complete with all the details, right here.

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