Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Nick’s Picks

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

ABCs of Death 3The “V Is for Vagitus” Segment in The ABCs of Death
Rare is the horror anthology that excels with each entry, and The ABCs of Death definitely didn’t come together as a fully realized project, though it had more than its share of amazing imagery and storytelling. (Plus Asian women farting.) But one of the film’s best shorts, “V for Vagitus (The Cry of a Newborn)” uses a sci-fi angle and a giant freakin’ robot to get its head-exploding point across. From director Kaare Andrews (Altitude), “V for Vagitus” takes place in a futuristic society where fertility is a government-run operation and women have to apply in order to have children. Sounds like an amazing place, right?

A biologically infertile cop and her robot partner track down a group of rebels hiding a baby with strange mental powers. It’s got an excellent action scene, full of bullets, blood, and lens flares, and it ends with the cop getting exactly what she wanted, assuming what she wanted was a killer infant head. It’s one of the few shorts in the film that could easily be stretched out to feature length, and it’s a much better display of Andrews’ skills than the vaguely Lovecraftian Altitude was. If I ever get a headache while anywhere near a nursery full of babies, I’m jumping out of a hospital window.

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