Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Nick’s Picks

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

AndreaAndrea Gets Bit on The Walking Dead
For three-and-a-half seasons, AMC’s The Walking Dead has taken many liberties in bringing Robert Kirkman’s creations from the comic page to the screen. The most blatantly unsuccessful transfer was Andrea, who went from being a strong and confident marksman (or markswoman) to a shrill, whining bitch who didn’t seem to understand that the problems of the dying world around them outweighed her own. She was barely capable of doing anything on her own, and what’s more, she chose the absolute worst person in existence to fall in love with by hopping into bed with the Governor.

She finally came to her senses at one point late in the third season, but only after trying to mend all ties between Rick’s crew and the Woodbury group. Thankfully, the Governor sticks to his vengeance-seeking guns and seals Andrea’s fate in a most pleasant way, leaving the turncoat Milton to die and eventually take a chomp out of her once he’d turned into a walker. Not only do we get to see her bitten, but there’s the additional cheer-worthy bit where she agrees to commit suicide in order to stop her own transformation. It was a rare surprise in this mostly predictable show, and the fourth season has been all the better for her absence. Now if only someone could skin Carl alive from the toes up.

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