This Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Red Band Trailer Violates The Laws Of Space And Time

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Yeah, maybe don’t watch this new red band Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer while you’re at work, or if there are small children prone to repeating things in earshot. You don’t want them to expand their vocabulary like this. Unless you have headphones, you can probably get away with it then, and your coworkers won’t be able to hear the swears and blowjob jokes. They will, however, still be able to see naked women and excessive drug use—you’d expect nothing less from a Hot Tub Time Machine movie. Pick your spots is all I’m saying.

Yeah, this is basically just what you imagine a red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is going to look like and it includes the usual. Lets face it, based on the first one, you already know whether or not you want to see movie. If you’re into crude, ridiculously over the top crass humor about genitals and drugs, this is the movie you’ve been waiting for. It was supposed to hit theaters on Christmas Day, but has been pushed back to February 20, which seems like a more appropriate position. Raise your hands if you were planning to take grandma and grandpa to this one on the holiday? In addition to the nerdy time travel tropes, there’s also a Fringe joke for all of us, which was considerate of them.

John Cusack is notably absent from this sequel, but Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Jacob (Clark Duke) are all back for another dip in the time tub. When Lou winds up in some trouble, like being murdered as you learn here, the trio try to venture into the past to set things right. Being experienced time travelers, however, they accidentally wind up in the future, where they encounter Adam Jr. (Adam Scott playing John Cusack’s character’s son), and have all kinds of wacky adventures throughout history. They join the Beatles (Lou is Ringo), fight in the American Revolution, and go all over the place. And wherever they go, they’re making dick jokes the whole time. You expect nothing less.

Chevy Chase is also coming along for this ride, presumably reprising his role as the mystical hot tub repairman who speaks in riddles and frustrates Jacob to no end. Community star Gillian Jacobs is also shows up and gets in on the action in some capacity.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens everywhere February 20.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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