Geek Auction Sell Off Science Fiction Movie Props And Memorabilia

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

If you have a few hundred-thousand dollars lying around, then you can buy your own piece of movie history. The auction house Profiles in History recently sold memorabilia that gave sci-fi geeks a chance to own a few little pieces of awesome.

The items up for bid were some of the best movie props in geek culture. Profiles in History had everything from a drop ship model from James Cameron’s Aliens to Jeff Bridge’s “The Dude” three-piece costume from The Big Lebowski (White Russians and Marijuana not included). The most expensive item for sale was Steve McQueen’s Michael Delaney Heuer Monaco Wristwatch from the movie Le Mans, which sold for a whopping $799,500.

Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of the key sci-fi items that sold at the geek auction…

A Snowtrooper Helmet from The Empire Strikes Back sold for $276,750. It was the only Snowtrooper Helmet prop available for a public sale.

William Shatner’s used Captain Kirk tunic from the original Star Trek series sold for $98,400. The tunic was given, not sold, to a fan visiting the set in the late 60s.

Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier fiberglass and aluminum wheelchair sold for $135,300. It was the only one ever made and was sold at the end of production of the original X-Men in 1999. Since it was the only one ever made, 20th Century Fox had to rent it from the new owner for the production of X2 and X3.

Being able to brag that you own Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic forearm from T2: Judgment Day is worth any price, isn’t it?

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