This Film Ending Supercut Sublimely Captures Some Of Cinema’s Greatest Final Images

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Somebody will be wondering, so it’s worth bringing up right away. Because these final images are shown out of any context other than the theme being used, spoilers aren’t really an issue. Unless of course you haven’t watched E.T. yet, and you think it’s possible the kid dies in the end. For you, there is a spoiler.

The montage maestros from Plot Point Productions have created a calm and complex compilation of film frames furthering their fabulous…okay, so I don’t feel like doing alliteration anymore. PPP have made some excellent clips in the past, and focusing on final frames, as inspired by the Final Image Blog, allowed for quite a few science fiction classics to take part. They call it “a meditation of the beautiful, cathartic and transcendent power of the final shot.” I’d call that an astute statement.

It’s no surprise that sci-fi makes the most appearances in the sections “awakening/creation” and “transcendence.” Successful stories hook you with a concept and then take you beyond the story itself and make that universe as real as our own. And since sci-fi also allows for cyclical narratives, it’s easy for them to get away with final shots that are in some way related to the very beginning of a movie. Vanilla Sky, THX-1138, 2010, 12 Monkeys all had radically different stories to tell, and they all end on their separate signature shots. It’s all about eyeballs and stars. People like to see things that are round at the end of a movie, as evidenced by many other examples.

On the transcendent side of things, there are a lot of dreams realized and mental hurdles leaped during these shots, both in the characters and in the viewers. Close Encounters makes one feel like they can believe in anything, as does The Right Stuff, whose Space Race focus is the main representation of the “science” side of our interests. Of course, sometimes all you need to get a “wow” is a trippy tunnel of lights or an alien baby. There’s nothing wrong with the endings to all of the non-sci-fi films on this list, of course. But I’m saying the genre films represent the most interesting ones. Biased? Absolutely.

PPP also recently put out a video called Gravity: A Falling Montage, which also features a healthy dose of sci-fi entries.

And if it’s just a supercut kind of a day for you, the dystopian film montage is extremely upbeat and non-dismal.

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