This is What the Empire Strikes Back Would Look Like, J.J. Abrams-Style

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Do you have problems being patient? Do you find yourself watching the clock and counting down calendar days more often than you actually enjoy your life in the present? Have you already created a paper chain marking all the days until J.J. Abrams’s version of Star Wars attacks theaters? Do you need a taste, just a little taste, of what it might look like? Well what about a fan-made trailer of Empire Strikes Back made up to look like an Abrams film? Would that do? Would it, boy? Would it?

Well thank Gavin Chin for the following, which does a solid job of slathering it in the Abrams sauce that spice up all the trailers for his movies, even the ones he produces. Please hold all “Needs more lens flare,” comments until the end of the feature.

First, it’s almost two minutes long, which is nearly two minutes longer than Abrams likes to show people, and nobody is screaming about having to go back to some place, but the darkly ominous tone and in-your-face music cues are spot-on. Though I suspect in Abrams’ version, there would be a secret box somewhere that the characters would be trying to find, learning a little bit about themselves during the journey, instead of all that “space wars” junk. Also, nothing bad would actually happen to the good guys.

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