Build Your Own Stargate Replica, Androgynous Godling Not Included

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

StargateThere are plenty of amazing things happening these days, from the Curiosity rover’s continued explorations of Mars to the seemingly endless uses people are finding for 3D printing. But as much as science and technology continues to advance down unexpected paths, we remain stubbornly lacking in portals that can transport us across the galaxy in mere moments. Hell, if Stargate is to be believed we should have had at least three shows’ worth of cosmos-spanning adventures by now. Well fine, Science, I’ll just build my own damn stargate!

Thankfully, somebody’s already done the heavy lifting for me. The folks of Podpadstudios in the UK “build TV and film robots” and use them to raise money for charity. If there’s one thing we love better than people who build robots, it’s people who build robots for charity. They decided to branch out and build a stargate replica, and saints be praised, they provided step-by-step instructions of how you can follow in their footsteps and build one for yourself. Or, in my case, hire someone to build one while I watch TV. Or plan to hire someone to build one while I watch TV but then forget. That last one seems most likely.


Podpadstudios warns that this project proved to be more work than they anticipated, and just typing that sentence made me need to go lie down. Here’s a picture of the early stages of the gate, complete with what appears to be a full-size human in the middle to give a sense of scale. However, without further reference points we can’t rule out this being some sort of small pixie or elf creature (we can’t see the ears).


Here you can see where they’ve hot-glued the assorted navigation symbols to the gate.


Construction on the gate has been hampered by inclement weather, but it’s targeted to be finished by April 2014, where “it will be used at a large Sci-Fi event.” The final product will use LEDs to light up the chevrons and the main ring. When all is said and done, it should look pretty damn impressive.


You can follow along with the project (and start your own) right here.