Atmospheric Trailer For Lithuanian Sci Fi Vanishing Waves

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Story, atmosphere, and ideas in sci-fi films are some of those key elements that are far too often glossed over in favor of flash, explosions, and computer-generated space robots and such. We’re basically talking a style-over-substance approach here. From the looks of this new theatrical trailer for Kristina Buozyte’s Vanishing Waves, she’s looking to bring some of that back to the genre. Watch it for yourself, and we’ll discus things more down the road.

While you don’t glean a great deal of information from this video, what you do walk away with is a definite sense of tone and feel. Vanishing Waves promises to be esoteric, sexual, sensual, and violent, all in varying degrees. If nothing else, it should elicit some sort of visceral response from viewers. That tongue cutting scene is stomach churning.

Called a “sci-fi melodrama,” Vanishing Waves explores what happens when two separate minds come together. I’m guessing that’s where that head-covering network of electrodes and what appears to be a sensory deprivation tank come into play, mashing people’s brains into a single entity.

Following solid scientific experiment, based on the neural transfer, a young inhibited man will live an astonishing journey in the comatose woman anonymous mind. This contemporary tale is exploring the nature of desire by exposing links and contradictions between the human body and the mind.

There is a lot of promise in this setup, and there is a wide range of thematic possibilities to explore. So if you’ve been missing big concepts and originality in your science fiction in recent years, this is, from nearly every report, something that you should check out when you get a chance.

After making the rounds at film festivals, including Stiges and Fantastic Fest, and racking up a number of awards, Vanishing Waves is on the verge of theatrical release in its native Lithuania. Artsploitation will unleash the film on DVD in the U.S. sometime in 2013.

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