Save Yourself: The Best Sci-Fi Space Arks

By David Wharton | 9 months ago

BotanyBaySS Botany Bay (Star Trek)
There are a lot of different reasons to board and build a space ark, from sheer survival to a desire to travel across the immense distances between stars. But while many space arks include a diverse range of people and cultures, the Botany Bay was a more exclusive club. It was available only to the genetically enhanced followers of the tyrant Khan Noonien Singh, who at one point ruled more than a quarter of the Earth before being deposed. Khan and a group of 84 of his followers hijacked the Botany Bay and took off into the void, hoping to find a new world to bend to their will.

Advantages: The Botany Bay is a “sleeper ship,” meaning you won’t have to worry about those long centuries spent cruising between star systems. The computer will just wake you up when you get there. Well, assuming the computer still works and doesn’t just power down your cryotube without ever waking you up. But when you do find a new home, you and your other ridiculously attractive, genetically perfect friends get to knock boots and populate your new home, not to mention brutally murder any inhabitants that were there before you.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, all of that depends not only on the ship remaining functional and actually reaching your destination, but on you not crossing paths with anyone named James Tiberius Kirk. ’cause that guy is just gonna screw up the whole damn master plan and leave you stuck on a godawful desert planet infested with disgusting mind-control slugs. And I know, Chekov, I know. On Ceti Alpha 5 there was “a fair chance.” Let’s just say Kirk doesn’t always do his homework before he strands people. Asshole.

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