Unvaccinated People Being Banned From Offices In New York

Unvaccinated people are going to be banned from entering Morgan Stanley offices in New York City by the end of the summer

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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A Covid-19 vaccine isn’t needed everywhere, but some workplaces are starting to require their employees to get it before returning to work in person. One of those is Morgan Stanley who has said that their employees and clients must attest to having a vaccine before reentering their corporate locations. Unvaccinated folks will be denied entry into the buildings the company operates though will be able to continue working from home. 

Morgan Stanley has said the reasoning behind banning the unvaccinated has to do with wanting to resume business practices without having mask mandates in place. In their mind, the easiest way to return to business as usual was to make sure that everyone coming into their in-person offices was to make sure employees had a Covid-19 vaccine. 

The Morgan Stanley policy banning unvaccinated people from entering would go into place on Monday, July 12th. This would also coincide with the company then lifting the mask mandates as well as social distancing guidelines in their locations. In this way, it appears the investment bank wants to resume the business practices that were in place pre-pandemic. 

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And for those unvaccinated folks who don’t comply with the company’s new guidelines, there is going to be something of an ultimatum there as well. Morgan Stanley has said that those who didn’t receive the vaccine and come to work in person would be taking a pay cut by the end of the summer. That goes into place after Labor Day weekend. It will mark a pivotal moment for the company and they’ve definitely become one of the first to be vocal about this new policy. 

The push to move work back into physical locations and offices is just from Morgan Stanley. There are other companies, investment firms as well, that are making a similar push for their workforce. Telling unvaccinated employees to stay home isn’t limited just to this company. It’s likely to be a theme we see more and more as time goes on. The company isn’t going to ask to see documentation from their employees, saying they can simply attest to having received the vaccine before returning to work. 

According to the most recent data, there have currently been somewhere around 320 million vaccine doses administered throughout the United States. 151 million are fully vaccinated. That represents around 46% of the population but also means about 180 million are unvaccinated. Morgan Stanley’s headquarters are in New York City. That state is reporting 52.5% of its population is full vaccinated. 

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And it looks like Morgan Stanley will be bringing back most of its current workforce. The company has reported that only 10% of their staff remain unvaccinated. If there’s a threat of job loss or pay cut, it stands to reason they get this number pretty close to 100% by the Labor Day cut off. This will probably be the new world order when it comes to life post-pandemic. Companies will continue to put policies in place that they believe will help get them operational in a way they were more than a year ago.