Scientists Want To Open A Portal To Another Universe

Scientists are looking to prove the existence of a mirror universe

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

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The existence of a mirror universe may be revealed sooner than we think. While science fiction has proposed the idea of quantum realms and alternate universes for quite some time, such places that exist beyond fiction may be within our grasp. In a laboratory in eastern Tennessee, according to NBC News, physicist Leah Broussard is conducting an experiment, the intention of which is to essentially open a portal to another universe, one that may be quite like our own.

Broussard intends to shoot a beam of subatomic particles down a long tunnel. If all goes to plan, this may prove the existence of a mirror universe. If the beam can go through an impenetrable wall, some of the particles will turn into mirror images of themselves. Since all neutrons should be exactly the same, this mirror image of the particles would mean that Broussard’s theory is correct. There may be a mirror universe in our midst. This video explains the process in greater detail.

While this an exciting development, a mirror universe may not be exactly what comes to mind when we think of it. Shows like Star Trek explored this idea, even going as far to suggest there are evil counterparts of human beings, floating around in another universe. J.J. Abrams’s follow-up to Lost also theorized about this reality. His television show Fringe revolved around the idea that there are two opposite dimensions. Each person has their own counterpart but the worlds have slight differences. Science insists that this is not the case in reality. Should the experiments go according to plan, we may see mirror versions of planets and stars, but not people. We will not see a Multiverse with multiple Spider-Man villains trying to penetrate our world. 

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Broussard’s mirror universe experiment has many more interesting implications, other than evil alternate counterparts. The experiment could also be where the answer to dark matter lies. Dark matter has been a mystery in science for quite some time. According to INSH, this mirror universe could help explain what the essence of dark matter is. This matter makes up most the universe, but scientists still have not been able to determine what it is made of. The biggest piece of information that scientists know about dark matter is that it is what causes the universe’s expansion. It is so mysterious that it is difficult if not impossible to measure. Known matter such as what humans are made up of makes up less than 5% of measurable matter according to NASA

Humans have long tried to explain what dark matter is. Fictional worlds have tried to explain this, such as HBO Max’s His Dark Materials. In His Dark Materials, what is referred to as ‘Dust’ is actually just dark matter. The religious fanatics of The Magisterium believe that Dust is tangible sin and is what causes human being’s worst impulses. But the reality may be more interesting.

Creating a portal to a mirror universe is only the beginning. Broussard’s experiment is just one step in discovering the door to this new world. If they are successful in their mission, the next step would be to see if scientists can penetrate that universe and step inside.

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