Watch An Actual Mountain Lion Play Games And Win Prizes

Have you seen a mountain lion playing carnival-style games?

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

mountain lion

It turns out mountain lions are not just good at mauling, chasing, and terrorizing hikers who get too close. They are also rather adept at playing human-devised games. If that piques your interest even slightly, get ready because you are not prepared for the cuteness you’re about to experience.

BroBible editor-in-chief Cass Anderson tweeted a video showing a mountain lion playing a game that involved trying to figure out which bucket was hiding the stuffed animal.

You can check out Cass’s tweet below:

Mountains lions are astoundingly intelligent big cats, and rank among the most adaptable species of wild cat in the Western Hemisphere.

Most mountain lions may be too smart for you to shake them with dumb-sounding loud noises and awkward displays of bigness or toughness, but some are strangely susceptible to kindness. One woman reported that loving gazes and high frequencies are effective against mountain lions looking for a place to crash, and she took to Facebook to tell everyone about how she expelled the lounging wild cat from her home. The point is, mountain lions are smart and tough, and they love to play games as much as people do.

Other types of animals have been known to try their hand, claw, hoof, paw… (you get it) at human games. From bearded dragons playing the Android mobile game Ant Smasher to a bulldog putting Tony Hawk to shame in Tony Hawk: Ride, there is no shortage of pet owners including their pets in their gaming.


This may not be a video game that is being mastered here, but there is a lot less paw-holding in this mountain lion’s case. It’s funny and heartwarming, and it goes a long way in helping people see the sweet sides of otherwise terrifying animals.

Now, if you are wondering why this article keeps referring to this animal as a mountain lion rather than a cougar, you would not be the first one. Or the last, honestly. There has been some debate over whether this particular species of big cat should be called a cougar or a mountain lion, but I’m gonna err on the side of my own perception of correctness and go with mountain lion.

Be honest, though: How many times did you watch this video? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? I will admit I watched it way too many times, but how can you not? It’s adorable, and it is further proof that these animals are not to be trifled with.

walking dead ezekiel tiger

So, if you are hiking in the woods and need to hide from an angry mountain lion, take refuge anywhere but in the three conveniently placed buckets turned upside down in the dirt. If this video showed me anything, it is that this game is rigged in the big cat’s favor.

In any case, Cass Anderson is 100% correct: Twitter does not have enough mountain lion content like this, and it absolutely needs more. Maybe this will trend on Twitter and exert the level of influence that prompted Disney to fire Gina Carano. Who knows?

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