Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead Full Of Spells

By Britta DeVore | Published

Since the early 1900s, and probably even before that, humans have had an ongoing obsession with ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs who died and were mummified. Our latest bit of history has arrived via an ages-old Book of the Dead which is said to be layered with magic that was believed to have guided the dead to their final resting place in the afterlife. 

A Massive Book Of The Dead Was Recently Found In Central Egypt

Clocking in at a massive 43 to 49 feet long, the Book of the Dead was put on display for lucky attendees during a presentation. It comes from the latest archaeological deep dive of the Tuna al-Gebel cemetery in central Egypt. Though finding a similar scroll isn’t completely uncommon, an Egyptologist at the University of Chicago told Live Science that Tuna al-Gebel’s Book of the Dead stands out as it was discovered in the grave where it was buried all those years ago.

The Book Of The Dead Was Excavated Along With High Ranking Mummies

And, the Book of the Dead wasn’t the only thing that was discovered at the burial site, with a host of other precious objects also present at the dig. According to a statement made by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the archaeologists also stumbled upon well-preserved mummies, which are believed to have been big players in society. One such was the sarcophagus belonging to Ta-de-Isa, the daughter of the treasured high priests of the time.

The Dig Uncovered Treasures Dating Back To 1070 BCE

Aside from decaying bodies and the Book of the Dead, those exploring the area also dug up alabaster jars that were used to store the organs of the dead being mummified. There was also plenty of shiny treasure as the statement said that “thousands” of brilliant amulets were uncovered. Dating back to sometime around 1550 to 1070 BCE, the site is considered to be part of the New Kingdom. 

Researchers Continue To Unravel New Mysteries About Ancient Egypt

It’s exciting and shocking to consider just how much of the old world has yet to be uncovered. Considering that it’s been over a century since Howard Carter first uncovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, it’s fascinating that our passion and zest for learning more about ancient Egypt is still very much alive. It’s also incredible to realize, as is proven in the latest Book of the Dead discovery, that there are still so many pieces to be revealed, studied, and understood. 

The Rich History Has Been Explored In Media Such As The Mummy Franchise

Humanity has become so enamored with the stories of the Pharaohs and pyramids that multiple films have been made, expanding on the lore of mummies and the affluent lives they lived. In fact, in the cinematic masterpiece known as The Mummy (1999), history comes to life as Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’Connell ends up face-to-face with the Book of the Dead while on a mission deep in the sands of Egypt. 

With the latest discovery of the Book of the Dead found in its final resting place alongside other precious connections to the past, researchers are another step closer to understanding a mesmerizing world that unfolded long before our own. As the hunt continues, we can’t wait to see what the dust is blown off next.

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