The Last Of Us Is Becoming A Reality At Halloween Horror Nights

Iconic locations and monsters from The Last of Us will be part of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights this year.

By Jason Collins | Published

last of us board game
The Last of Us

The Last of Us, a critically acclaimed PlayStation game turned HBO series, is coming to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights event. The haunted house experience will feature the iconic locations from the 2013 video game, clickers, and plenty more stuff to round up the horrific experience for those who like traveling with a spare pair of underwear.

According to Kotaku, the themed experience derived from The Last of Us will see guests following in the footsteps of Joel and Ellie, the game’s protagonists, as they encounter all the infested enemies typically encountered in the game. This includes infected runners and clickers, but also human raiders, all while passing through familiar locations of the game—including The Grand Hotel, Pittsburgh quarantine zone, and many other iconic locations for brave ticketholders to explore. One of the attendees might be Neil Druckmann, the co-president of Naughty Dog.

Druckmann is a self-professed fan of Horror Nights and has stated that the staff at Naughty Dog is honored to have The Last of Us included in the event’s lineup. He also added that the collaboration between Naughty Dog and Universal to bring the game world to life, down to the tiniest details, has been an absolute thrill for him personally and Naughty Dog as a studio. The tickets to the show are available to book as of today, despite the scarcity of details—more is likely to follow in the coming days.

the last of us
The Last Of Us

The Last of Us Halloween Horror Night is scheduled to run on select nights between September 1 and October 31 at Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal Orlando Resort. But that won’t be the only attraction. The Last of Us will undoubtedly attract a massive crowd, but the event will compete for attention with fans of the iconic, menacing, and murderous Chucky, whose appearance was already confirmed last year by Halloween Horror Night’s bosses. True fans of horror are likely to visit both events.

As for The Last of Us, the franchise has become a cultural phenomenon following the release of the first game on PlayStation 3 in 2013, which spawned not one, but two full-fledged remakes, several ports, a sequel in the form of The Last of Us Part II—which also got a remake of its own—and a very successful TV adaptation, whose massive viewership and high ratings prompted HBO to commission a second season.

In the meantime, gamers are still keeping their ears to the ground for a potential The Last of Us Part 3, whose narrative has already been outlined, but the production was halted at Naughty Dog for undisclosed reasons. The gaming studio may be waiting for the current releases to “consolidate” a bit while also working on a multiplayer title set within the same universe—which is currently being developed. The series is also celebrating its 10-year anniversary, with Naughty Dog releasing a Photo Mode Collection and a blog post series reflecting on the franchise’s history and development.

This has truly been a very successful year for The Last of Us franchise, and the fans demand more.