Stranger Things Is Leaving A Popular Video Game

Stranger Things is going to be gone from a popular video game.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Netflix’s sci-fi horror series Stranger Things is parting ways with 2016’s Dead by Daylight, two years after it arrived in the asymmetrical survival-horror game. The entire DLC inspired by Netflix’s hit show is being removed from sale this November, while Dead by Daylight parts way with one franchise and welcomes another – with all signs point towards the Hellraiser.

Despite the sad news of their removal, Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon from Stranger Things will be on sale for half price, from August 18, until their removal later this year. It’s worth noting that the outfits for all three characters will be discontinued until September 18. Players who purchase the content, or have already done so, will continue to have access to most of the content post-removal, as reported by PC Gamer. The exceptions here are the Hawkins National Library Map which will be removed from the game, while the character-specific perks and achievements become generic and available for all players.

Though unfortunate and unspecified, the removal of Stranger Things content is almost undoubtedly licensing-related – something which previously wreaked havoc with various other gaming titles, including 007 Goldeneye and the entire James Bond gaming series, Alan Wake, and many other titles. In most cases, high-grossing licenses are removed, as they usually benefit the franchises and their owners. Still, Netflix might’ve been reluctant to renew its licensing deal with Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive because of its plans to offer video games of its own.

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First introduced in September 2019, the Stranger Things/Dead by Daylight licensing deal introduced two new survivors to the game – Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. The third Stranger Things character added was the game’s new killer, the Demogorgon, alongside the franchise-inspired Upside Down Map. And though the news of their removal is disheartening, Dead by Daylight developer released a short teaser featuring the number 1987 – which is the year of Hellraiser’s release, complemented by a static-y glimpse of the flower seen in the Hellraiser movies. This, combined with the developer’s recent activity on social media (which spells “RAISE HELL” when combined), indicates the appearance of Hellraiser’s Pinhead.

Stranger Things series, created by the Duffer Brothers, debuted in 2016 on Netflix, with the brothers serving as showrunners and exec producers. It attracted record viewership on Netflix and has amassed an extensive and active international fan base throughout its run. But the show is far from over, as Netflix recently dropped a trailer for the series’ upcoming Season 4. Stranger Things received critical acclaim for its homages to the 80s movies, writing, directing, acting, characterization, and atmosphere, earning it six Primetime Emmy Awards and 57 other industry awards.

Season 4 of Netflix’ Stranger Things is set to premiere in 2022, with the Duffer Brothers saying that the show will likely end after its fourth or fifth season, depending on the writing. However, gaming fans of the show can enjoy the show’s characters long after Stranger Things end if they purchase the characters and their outfits in Dead by Daylight. To reiterate, the Stranger Things DLC is currently on sale for 50% off, or 60% off for PlayStation players, until its announced removal on November 17, 2021.