Starfield Now Available For Free

By Jason Collins | Updated


Starfield, an upcoming and highly anticipated space-themed RPG, is now available for free for all PC gamers looking to upgrade their PC and prepare for the game’s launch. Anyone who buys an eligible AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU or Radeon RX 7000/6000 series GPU will receive the game free of charge.

Starfield is being offered for free as part of a pre-built PC hardware bundle.

According to Game Rant, AMD just launched a promotional bundle that includes either a Premium Edition or a Standard Edition of the upcoming Starfield, the first new intellectual property Bethesda has developed in the last 25 years, with select AMD CPUs and GPUs.

Furthermore, the promotion also includes pre-built PC systems powered by the AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs and Radeon RX 7000 and 6000 series GPUs, as well as some laptops with select mobile versions of said graphics chips. The deal is now live at several different retailers.

This is a rather interesting deal, though it isn’t a novelty. Hardware manufacturers are known for including highly-anticipated, upcoming releases in their promotional bundles, and Bethesda implemented several graphical technologies in Starfield, which were developed in partnership with AMD, so the promotional bundle seems like the logical outcome for both companies.

The promotion is currently live on Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Micro Center, Central Computers, and other major retailers.

The promotional bundle was previously rumored, but no details were known about the included hardware and which editions of the game would be featured.


For those interested in purchasing said hardware and receiving their promotional copy of Starfield, the AMD Ryzen 7000 series is priced anywhere between $300 and $700, while those interested in buying the GPUs will have to shell out anywhere between $600 and $1,000—please note that the prices are subject to change.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the game will also be included in some pre-built PCs and gaming laptops that are powered by the aforementioned CPUs and GPUs.

However, the list of supported hardware that receives the copy of Starfield has been expanded for the pre-built PCs and gaming laptops and includes two additional CPUs from the Ryzen 5000 series and four mobile variants of Radeon RX 7600 and 7700 GPUs.

The promotion is currently live on Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Micro Center, Central Computers, and other major retailers. It’s scheduled to end on September 6, and users who have bought the aforementioned PC hardware will have until October 28 to redeem their coupon codes and receive the game.

This leaves out Xbox gamers, who haven’t received any special deal yet, but it’s likely for Microsoft to bundle Starfield with new Xbox Series X|S console purchases or bundle it with a limited edition Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller.

Starfield In Court

Starfield is one of the titles that have been at the center of the legal case involving Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission over the Microsoft × Activision Blizzard King acquisition, in which it was discovered that Bethesda and Sony were negotiating for the game to become a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

However, following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda, Starfield is now set to arrive as an Xbox Game Pass exclusive game, scheduled for a September 6 release date.