Skyrim Brought To Life In Viral Chick-fil-A Video

Check out this hilarious new viral Skyrim video made at a Chick-fil-A.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Ever since its inception, The Elder Scrolls gaming series has captivated gamers with its open-world settings, epic narratives, and innovations in the RPG genre, prompting many to recreate the series’ most iconic aspects in the real world. This includes costume play, realistic digital map recreations, and real-life performances in which people act out as the game’s characters. In fact, one such recreation just went viral in a Skyrim Chick-fil-A video on TikTok.

To pass the time at work, during what seemed like a slow shift, TikTok user and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fan Caleb Janssen and some of his Chick-Fil-A colleagues decided to recreate their own version of Skyrim by turning the restaurant and its back areas into the real-life version of the game. And while the restaurant’s interior remained as is, breaking the setting, and everyone staying in their uniforms, breaking the character, some employees donned empty boxes of fries and cardboard as makeshift armor from the game. You can check the entire video below:

The result of their mid-shift shenanigans is a hilarious take on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which the user, presumably Janssen, is operating the camera, assuming the role of the player, moving and talking to his colleagues posing as the game’s NPC. Even his hand position within the video corresponds to the game protagonist’s hand position. For example, Janssen’s most recent video shows the user “sneaking” into the back of the restaurant to steal an item, in this case, the Chick-Fil-A sauce, before being approached by the NPC guard, seemingly portrayed by Janssen’s colleague.

Although there’s no mention of “an arrow to the knee” line, which became a famous internet meme, Janssen managed to incorporate another memorable aspect from the Skyrim video game – sneak mode. When approached by his Chick-Fil-A colleague who took the role of the guard, the user crouched, entering a so-called “sneak mode” from the game, which prompted NPCs to “lose” the player and go about their own business. Janssen’s hilarious TikTok video, posted six days ago, already got 1.6 million likes on the platform and more than 11,900 comments.


Caleb Janssen isn’t the only Skyrim fan recreating the fantasy game in real life. As we previously said, the litany of memorable NPCs populating Skyrim, each with their own unique storyline and backstory within the game’s world, have inspired many to create parody videos. Just last month, a bunch of college students speaking in the same tone and line delivery of a generic Skyrim NPC showed what Skyrim would look like acted out in their dorm. But, of course, it just goes to show how hilarious real-life would be if everybody behaved like NPCs from a Bethesda game.

The Elder Scroll series has a massive fan base of die-hard Tamriel-ists (made up, but like the ring) showing their love for this decade-old gaming title. Luckily for many, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is getting a next-gen Anniversary Edition, aimed to release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X set to release in November of this year. It’s quite a leap, considering Microsoft’s high-profile buyout, making Bethesda’s games into Xbox exclusives. And while the buyout might affect the release of The Elder Scrolls IV on PlayStation consoles, it won’t affect Anniversary Edition’s release on the PS5.