Nintendo Answers Rumors About New Switch Model

Nintendo has issued a statement on what is and isn't happening with new models.

By Dylan Balde | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


To gamers already parroting online about an upgraded CPU for the Nintendo Switch, grab a Joy-Con, flip on some Animal Crossing, and chill. A Switch Pro isn’t in the cards yet, Nintendo’s corporate public relations account clarifies on Monday. The gaming behemoth took to Twitter to correct assumptions about another new model on the way; at present, only the OLED version is hitting shelves in October. Hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but a Switch Pro is currently not in development.

Nintendo is also not packing on extra cash with the impending release of the OLED Switch. The company will reportedly be making an extra $10 per unit sold, claims investment analytics hub Bloomberg last week, and $50 overall in retail, given the higher manufacturing costs of replacing a 6.2-inch LCD display with a 7-inch organic LED screen — but Nintendo insists this simply isn’t true. And even if it were, profit margins wouldn’t be as spiked.

Check out Nintendo’s full statement below:

Rumors of a perfected new Switch have enthralled consumers and have had investors in a vice-grip, waiting with bated breath for a powerful new model that can serve as an unwitting rival to most ninth gen consoles currently out in the market. A mythical new “Switch Pro” would reportedly feature 4K display resolution, vastly improved battery life, a custom Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, 32GB of storage, and a bigger screen built completely in OLED. Despite warding off speculation in February, Nintendo followed up on the rumors by announcing the platform’s new OLED model, checking off at least one hefty attribute from the list. As for the rest, however, executives claim nothing of that description is in the works, at least not officially. Electronics and media moguls have a tendency to mislead the public with red herrings to offset any leaks that could hinder a later product release. Nintendo already did so this year by redirecting social media hype for a Switch Pro into its upcoming OLED model due to come out this fall.

Well, developers better get their Smash on, because Nintendo’s got quite the competition judging by the platforms already available on the market. Among handhelds — and there aren’t many to begin with — Nintendo’s legacy is unparalleled, but the Switch’s docking capability proves the company is finally getting serious about appealing to console purists. A handheld that can “switch” between a television screen and on-the-go gameplay like a literal Transformer was practically unheard of until 2017, when the first Nintendo Switch was released in 2017. While the SEGA Nomad and the PlayStation Portable managed to toy with the concept during their time, the Switch is touted as the first true hybrid console, making it a worthy opponent against the likes of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

Imagine the processing and graphical power of a truly perfected Nintendo Switch. A version several steps ahead of the rumored Switch Pro. A new platform that has everything consoles possessed, with none of the flaws; it would decimate the competition in a year. Sony and Microsoft have a lot to be worried about with Nintendo finally taking the console market seriously. But baby steps. Gamers needn’t fret; Nintendo has always been forward-facing. It’ll happen. But it just means we’ll have to contend with a lesser version first. The Nintendo Switch’s OLED upgrade comes out in October.