Madden NFL 22 Has Game-Breaking Bugs That Are Making Fans Angry

Madden NFL 22 is proving to be a broken experience.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Game bugs and glitches are a peculiar thing: they either make the game more exciting and fun, or they completely break the game, making it so unplayable that gamers have a tough time staying motivated to complete the game. Unfortunately for Madden fans, the new Madden NFL 22 falls in the latter category – the game is plagued with glitches, with “loss glitch” being among the most annoying for franchise players.

EA’s NFL gaming franchise is once again suffering a variety of strange glitches and bugs, some of which can break the game, as reported by IGN. The most notable of all is the Madden NFL 22 Franchise Mode “Loss Glitch,” which is, at this point, hampering gamers’ interest in continuing the game. Though the bug only affects gamers who started an offline franchise in-game, the fandom’s discontent lit the social media wildfires, with reports of franchise games registering a loss even after a massive win. In other words, the glitch erases the outcome of the win, along with all stats the players might’ve racked up, regardless of whether the players bested their AI opponents or not.

The “Loss Glitch” is problematic, as it hampers the gamers’ motivation to stick with a Franchise Mode of the game if the results aren’t accurate. In addition, this glitch poses a major annoyance to offline players of Madden NFL 22 and a severe problem for Electronic Arts and its subsidiaries, as the issue gets traction online, turning away other gamers, or from EA’s perspective – potential customers. Alas, Madden NFL 22’s Franchise Mode isn’t the only aspect of the game affected by glitches and bugs. Visual glitches are abundant on the game field, while gameplay glitches make it almost impossible to play defense, as players fail their pathfinding functions by moving to an incorrect position on the field.

Unfortunately, visual glitches and gameplay bugs have become a tradition for Madden NFL games, particularly at their launch. When it comes to Madden NFL 22, these were only made worse by the sudden shift to work-from-home schedules imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As things are right now, the fans of the franchise aren’t particularly happy. And why would they be? Electronic Arts have been serving the Madden NFL-loving community an annual $60 reskin of the very same game for the past several years. Sure, the graphics are updated with each new edition, and some new players might’ve been added, but what really changed? According to some Madden NFL fans – nothing.

Additionally, several social media users have expressed frustrations over Madden NFL 22 and the entire franchise for having these kinds of issues. Again. Many are now wondering whether Madden NFL 22 is even worth purchasing at this point, or any point in the future for that matter, especially with an extra $10 price tag for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game, that suffer the very same bugs and glitches.

Admittedly, Electronic Arts have had a rough couple of months earlier this year. The company fell victim to a cyberattack, which resulted in the company’s data being publicly distributed after hackers failed to extort the company. Unfortunately, this data also includes EA’s Frostbite engine, which runs Madden NFL 22, so it’s entirely possible that the security features EA implemented last-minute aren’t playing nice with at least some of the bugs plaguing the game.