Legend Of Zelda Player Makes History, Captures “Impossible” Treasure

A Legend of Zelda has done the impossible!

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

legend of zelda breath of the wild

Things sometimes get misplaced during the game’s development cycle. Some are left on purpose, acting as secret items, secret locations, or nearly impossible feats that should count as achievement, but they don’t. From the very first game “glitch” found in 1978’s Space Invaders, which revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing difficulty scaling, to 2003’s Prince of Persia: Warrior Within that offered unlockable secret weapons and ending, to World of Warcraft‘s mysterious GM island that exists outside the map, games are littered with “impossible” stuff. In the latest news, a Legend of Zelda player was finally able to pluck the “impossible” arrow stuck in the sky.

Nintendo’s mega-hit from 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is a gift that just keeps on giving, especially to those looking for items that were misplaced and forgotten during the game’s development cycle. As reported by Kotaku, The Legend of Zelda community is really active when it comes to reaching areas of the game that would normally bar players from entering. Most of the time, these areas exist outside the borders of the in-game map and sometimes contain random items that often serve no specific purpose for those that collect them, other than the chance to brag. Well, one Legend of Zelda speedrunner managed to collect one specific shock arrow that’ stuck so high into the sky, most gamers aren’t even aware that it exists at all. You can see the video below:

Gaming glitch hunter and speedrunner Luke Steelman, also known as LegendofLinkk online, estimates that this particular arrow was discovered in April last year, near the Daqo Chisay Shrine in Gerudo Town. At the time of discovery, Legend of Zelda players tried using the known moon jumping glitch to reach for the arrow, but the method’s inconsistent speed and direction made it impossible to reach the electric projectile stuck in the game’s sky. However, rather than giving up, LegendofLinkk kept trying and theorizing about the possible methods he could employ to reach the “impossible” arrow. In his most recent attempt, Steelman combined the moon jumping glitch in combination with the Guardian Spaceship glitch to try and reach the item.

However, Steelman devised a somewhat easier method a couple of days later, which implied shield surfing to the rock-cluster, performing several “infinite” jumps that would propel Link into the air while utilizing an immunity glitch that would shield him from any kind of damage. After approximately 20 minutes of exploits and explosions, Steelman managed to propel himself well above the shock arrow, so he slowly descended and collected the “impossible” item. And so far, he’s the only one on Nintendo’s most popular handheld who managed to do it.

All of this sounds like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so filled with glitches that the game is barely holding from breaking apart, but that’s entirely untrue. Breath of the Wild is actually one of the greatest games ever made, according to the fandom. It was released to critical acclaim, with many calling the game a masterpiece. So, what’s with all the glitches? Well, all games have them, even the most-optimized games on the market — it’s just that very few gamers have the time and persistence to discover them and exploit them to their benefit.