Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Aloy’s New Friends And Foes

Check out the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West!

By Jason Collins | Published

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horizon forbidden west

PlayStation celebrated Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming launch, scheduled for February 18, by releasing a new story trailer. The video gives a more precise idea of the threats the game’s protagonist, Aloy, stands to face venturing into the west — dying land, ruinous blight, friends and foes, old and new. The three-minute trailer is our best look into the narrative yet, considering that PlayStation spoon-fed the audiences up until this point.

However, according to GamesRadar+, Horizon Forbidden West’s narrative is also set to depict Aloy’s greatest struggle thus far, as well as the return of Sylens, though not necessarily as an ally in the new story. The trailer shows Red Blight and massive storms ravaging Aloy’s home, sending her on a journey to the Forbidden West, searching for a solution. But, of course, she won’t be alone on her journey; the trailer shows her old friends Erend and Varl accompanying her. You can watch the trailer below.

We already mentioned Sylens’ return in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West game. He also appears in the west, working for a frightening new foe, a hostile tribe dedicated to war and conquest. Not only does the protagonist have some unresolved issues with the returning character, but Sylens’ new allies also wield the ability to control machines, which only complicates things for Aloy and her friends. The trailer also shows Aloy riding, gliding, and scuba diving through beautiful new locales, discovering the secrets of Red Blight and how to stop it.

The trailer for Horizon Forbidden West ends with a few flash scenes with some unexpected depictions, like a golden god-like projection of GAIA and a mysterious figure who seems to originate from the Earth’s mysterious past or some entirely different place. Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to release on February 18, 2022 — five years after the original Horizon New Dawn, which was released to fantastic reviews from both the audience and the critics for in-game mechanics, character development, and narrative.

horizon forbidden west

For those unfamiliar with the Horizon series, the original game was set in the post-apocalyptic US, in the American West, between Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, in the 31st century. As in most post-apocalyptic narratives, humans now live in tribal-like communities with very limited access to technology. Their technologically advanced predecessors, called the “Old Ones,” left the world domination to massive robotic creatures, known as “machines.” And while the vast majority of these machines coexist peacefully with humans, a phenomenon known as “Derangement” causes them to become more aggressive. At the same time, larger and deadlier machine animals begin to appear. The game was such a success that it prompted Sony to begin the development of a movie adaptation.

The upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, continues to story of Aloy, who transverses the Forbidden West in search of answers while also discovering new environments and ecosystems. The game’s original release was planned for late 2021; however, its development was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly because lockdowns prevented performance captures. Horizon Forbidden West is set to release on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, though it’s entirely possible for the game to appear on other platforms as well — mainly PC, as part of Sony’s new effort to expand to other markets.