EA Is Leaving Out Their Biggest Property At A Major Showcase

EA is leaving out their biggest property at a major presentation.

By Jason Collins | Published

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There has been some speculation about EA developing a new Star Wars game in secrecy, allegedly planning to reveal the game at its major showcase event, EA Play Live. Well, those speculations just got disproved by none other than the EA Star Wars Twitter page, announcing that the company won’t be showing any Star Wars games at an upcoming event on July 22nd.

After months of speculation and a tweet from EA Star Wars teasing the sequel for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we found out that EA won’t showcase any Star Wars games on their upcoming EA Play Live event, as disclosed by EA Star Wars themselves. This information leaves a sour aftertaste, after the fandom already ingested the tease about the possible Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, but EA Star Wars left a treat for the fans – more teases. The company stated that it would share its plans for the Galaxy far, far away next year, insinuating a possible reveal at the next Star Wars Celebration event.

This is, of course, speculation since neither Disney nor EA commented on the matter, but a possible game reveal during a major Star Wars event sounds reasonable. The publisher’s list of no-show games also includes Dragon Age 4 and a new Mass Effect game, though we might expect some mention of the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition. With that said, the exception of a Star Wars game from the show is in no way indicative of EA’s plans for the franchise – the publisher assured the fans that it’ll continue to develop games for the series.

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That particular announcement came after EA lost exclusivity over Star Wars games in January this year when Disney announced the revival of Lucasfilm Games, which in turn incited speculations about the possible continuation of the Indiana Jones gaming series. Shortly after Disney’s announcement, Ubisoft announced an open-world Star Wars game, which is currently in development, with several other publishers/developers also working on various gaming installments in the Star Wars franchise. Nothing is confirmed just yet, but Respawn is recruiting for roles on its Star Wars team, with the simultaneous humming on Reddit about a possible sequel to the Star Wars Battlefront series, in development at EA DICE.

As for what we might see during EA Play Live, it looks like the event will be heavily focused on Battlefield 2042, which should reveal two additional modes of the game, EA Sports titles, and perhaps some Apex Legend news. There’s also word about a possible revival of the fan-favorite video game series Dead Space, but that’s also wishful thinking surrounded by circumstantial evidence. EA Play Live will take place on July 22nd, starting at 10 AM PST, and will likely expand upon the previously released streams predating the event, with some new reveals to boot.

Unfortunately, the fans of the Star Wars gaming series won’t be able to enjoy this to its fullest as their favorite franchise won’t be showcased. However, the appearance of EA’s latest titles makes the event worth watching anyway.  

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