Deathloop Is Getting A Huge Update

The critically acclaimed Deathloop is finally coming to XBox Series X on September 20.

By Jason Collins | Published

A year after it debuted on PlayStation 5 as a timed-exclusive release, the critically-acclaimed blockbuster rogue-lite Deathloop is finally headed to Xbox Series X. The game is expected to release on September 20, and it will become available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the very same date — which only reiterates how fantastic Microsoft‘s gaming service actually is. But gaming platform-related discussion aside, all fans of Deathloop have a reason to celebrate — the game is also receiving a massive update.

According to IGN, Deathloop is already available for pre-loading on Xbox Game Pass ahead of its official release on September 20. This includes all the updates that it has received during its time as a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive, such as a photo mode and a bunch of accessibility options. However, the game’s developer Arkane, a subsidiary of Bethesda Softworks, also announced a free major update for Deathloop called Goldenloop. It will go live across all platforms on the very same date as the Xbox version launch.

The Goldenloop Update will expand the PVP crossplay matchmaking across PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, and Microsoft Store environment, as well as a cross-purchase and cross-save features for Xbox console and PC versions of Deathloop. Additionally, the update also introduces a new ability called Fugue, which intoxicates enemies, rendering them temporarily harmless. It’s particularly interesting in combination with Discord and Syncopation abilities since the former turns the target against its allies, and the latter applies Fugue to nearby enemies after the target has died.

It’s only natural to complement the fantastic new ability with a new weapon; a Visionary Wenjie has a new treat for gamers called the HALPS Prototype. It’s an energy-based rifle that fires a continuous laser beam that allows gamers to shred through hordes of enemies. The laser can be reflected, so aiming it at a turret or a camera is a good way to hit a target hidden behind an obstacle. Gamers will have the opportunity to actually test the new weapon against Deathloop’s newly introduced enemy, the Paint-Bomber.

In addition to new abilities, weapons, and enemies, old abilities also received upgrades; the ticket system has 19 new tickets, there are several other secrets scattered through the game, and on top of everything, Deathloop now has an extended ending. We won’t spoil the game for those who haven’t played it, but it would be interesting to see just how Arkane expanded on the time-bending shooter’s current ending.

Screenshot from Deathloop

In light of Deathloop‘s addition to Xbox Game Pass, Sony has already put the game on its own subscription service, making Deathloop available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers since September 6. Deathloop was a critical success; the game has earned several nominations from major award series over the past year and won the Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction at the Game Awards 2021. It also won the Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction at The DICE Awards in February.

Deathloop will launch on September 20 for Xbox Game Pass, simultaneously introducing the Goldenloop update across all platforms.