Battlefield 2042 Confirmed As New Title, See The First Look

See the Battlefield 2042 leaked images and stunning new game trailer.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Several Battlefield 6 images, screenshots, and details leaked from EA’s Origin distribution platform ahead of the game’s official reveal today, confirming Battlefield 2042 as the official title to the franchise’s new installment, taking the players into the not-so-distant future. On top of that, EA dropped the new trailer, and it’s entirely fair to call it epic.

Images and details surrounding the now revealed Battlefield 2042 game leaked ahead of its official reveal, appearing on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, citing Okami13_ as their source.

Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition
Battlefield 2042 screenshot

According to the sources behind the leak, Reddit user u/Popygay combed through the EA Origin website code, revealing that the new Battlefield game is titled Battlefield 2042, which was subsequently confirmed by the game’s official reveal. This could mean that the game is set a whole century before the 2006’s Battlefield 2142. The new game brings seven new maps, allowing up to 128 players in multiplayer, but ditches the single-player campaign.

You can watch the five-minute epic new trailer for Battlefield 2042 below.

Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to launch on October 22 for PC, next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and previous-gen consoles with limited features. Most notably, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game will only support 64 players, while 128 players and massive-scale battles remain solely available on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PS5. The game is set in the future where the shortage of water, supplies, and energy lead to failing nations, siding the players with either the United States or Russia, which are on the brink of war. Proxy wars led throughout the decades have generated experienced combat veterans called Specialists, who use their skill to shape a new future – the one worth fighting for.

These Specialists are actually redesigned character classes from the previous Battlefield games. They feature one unique Specialty (like a grappling hook), and a Trait (like a movement sensor), while the rest of the character loadout remains fully customizable. The new class system for Battlefield 2042 and the seven massive maps will be free to all players, with new content added every season. As before, players can opt for a Battle Pass for additional content like series of unique challenges and rewards for completing them. It’s a relatively new concept, as opposed to Seasonal Passes from the previous games.

As we previously reported, Battlefield 2042 will allow its players to fight tornadoes. Sounds impossible, but the game’s expanded Levolution mechanics now includes dynamic weather, bringing tornados, sandstorms, downpours, and debris to the fight, with the potential to completely alter the map’s layout and kill some players in the process. This plays well with the players and leaked information, as we can see soldiers in wingsuits flying away from a tornado or tanks muddied up due to downpours in the leaked images.

With Battlefield 2042 officially revealed, some leaked information becomes ineffectual, especially regarding the game’s launch date, which was incorrect to start with. Still, it was a worthy effort that got the fans heated up for the game’s official reveal, with one piece of information still remaining undisclosed. EA plans to reveal the game’s third pillar at the EA Play Live on July 22, stating only that it’s a love letter aimed at long-time Battlefield players. We wonder what it might be.