Zoe Saldana To Lead Brand New Series From Creator Of Yellowstone

Zoe Saldana is taking on a brand new TV series where she’ll both executive produce and star amid the myriad of other projects she’s got going on. 

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

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Despite being one of the most in-demand actresses on the big screen these days, Zoe Saldana is taking on a brand new TV series where she’ll both executive produce and star amid the myriad of other projects she’s got going on. According to Collider, Zoe Saldana will star in the upcoming Paramount+ original series Lioness, which will be written and co-produced alongside the network’s golden boy Taylor Sheridan, who is best known for shows like Yellowstone and Mayor of Kingstown. Also sitting in a producer’s chair is Nicole Kidman. Meanwhile, Tom Brady (not that one) will be writing and serving as showrunner following successful turns with shows like NOS4A2 and Colony.

Zoe Saldana will play the station chief for the CIA’s Lioness intelligence program. The spy thriller will see her manage an overseas undercover military group of exclusively women as they take on some of the biggest terrorist and military threats the world has to offer. Although an all-female team of badass soldiers and spys sounds like perfect fodder for the current climate of TV and film, the truth is that the Lioness program actually exists to some degree. 

It was developed in the early days of the Iraq War as a way for U.S. soldiers to interrogate and search local women without violating their beliefs that prevent them from physical interaction with men. Their ability to show respect for the locals allowed them to gain intelligence and positioning that would have otherwise had to come by force. In other words, they fight like ladies. Now, Zoe Saldana and a yet to be determined cast will bring them to life on the small screen for Paramount+.

zoe saldana

It’s been a big week for the Paramount+ streaming service as Television Critics Association announcements have been pouring into the news cycle. Lioness isn’t even the biggest news featuring Zoe Saldana to come out of Paramount+ in recent days. J.J. Abrams revealed that the studio is in talks with the entire cast of the three Star Trek reboot movies to bring them back in the fold for a fourth one. However, nothing is set in stone. Meanwhile, Yellowstone got a bit of extra love from the network as well. After the success of the flagship show as well as the spinoff Yellowstone 1883, the network announced a new spinoff Yellowstone 1932 as well as more episodes of Yellowstone 1883 (do your best to keep track of the dates, it’s going to get confusing if they keep adding them like this). 

Meanwhile, Zoe Saldana is merely adding Lioness to her already exhaustive list of projects. She’s poised to reappear in the follow-up movies to James Cameron’s 2009 hit Avatar. Meanwhile, she just finished a turn in the other biggest movie ever made ever, Avengers: Endgame and will reprise her role as Gamora again in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as well as a fun one-off holiday special for Disney+. However, before all that, she’s set to star alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project, which is slated to be released on Netflix next month.