Zachary Quinto On Whether He’ll Return For The Newly Announced Star Trek Movie

Could we get a return of Zachary Quinto as Spock in the next big Star Trek film? The actor recently weighed in on the possibility

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Star Trek, as a franchise, is making all kinds of moves in the short-term and greatly expanding the list of offerings within the universe (and beyond) when it comes to stories and characters both old and new. With this expansion comes many questions about previous versions of characters and whether older movies will ever get follow-ups. One of those characters is Spock and whether we will ever get the return of Zachary Quinto in the Vulcan role. Well, in an interview the actor did with PopCulture, he let it be known he would love to get back into the role if the opportunity arose with the next planned movie.

In the interview, Zachary Quinto made it pretty clear that he would want back into the role if the studio came calling. In fact, he was quick to lump basically the entire cast of previous Star Trek movies together, effectively speaking for all of them in the desire to get another story up on the screen. Here’s what he had to say when asked about coming back as Spock. 

“Honestly, I have no real idea what’s going on with Star Trek. (But) we all love each other and we all love that experience and I’m sure if it comes back around and we’re all available, I’m sure we’d be happy to jump back on board. No pun intended…I love that character. I love that world. I think there’s a lot of possibilities of storytelling in there and I’d certainly be open to any conversation, but it depends on the who, what, where, when and how and why — and like all those questions that can only be answered in specifics, not necessarily hypothetically. So we’ll see.”

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It makes sense that Zachary Quinto would want to eventually return to the Star Trek franchise and get another movie going with the previous cast and crew of the Enterprise. After all, playing Spock was his first major movie role all the way back in 2009 following his breakout role as Sylar on Heroes. He was excellent in the Spock role, bringing all of the zero laughs, all business, and logic nature of the character to the screen much like Leonard Nimoy did originally. 

Zachary Quinto reprised the role in subsequent films Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. That last film represented the end of the line for this iteration of the crew that included Chris Pine in the Captain James T. Kirk role. While it scored more than $340 million dollars at the box office, that was off of a $185 million budget. It was well-received critically at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the dollars often win out and there was a general sense that the franchise had gotten a little stale among viewers and fans. 

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Questions around Zachary Quinto returning to a Star Trek movie come in the wake of announcements about a number of future movie plans for the franchise. There’s a film from a Kalinda Vazquez script (she’s working on Star Trek: Discovery now) that will have J.J. Abrams on as producer. Abrams, of course, directed the first two Star Trek movies with Quinto and produced the third. And then there was additional news that Abrams is producing yet another film in the franchise which is set for a 2023 release. There are almost no details around this film right now, but it could be where speculation is coming that Pine, Quinto, and the rest of the crew could reunite. 

It’s worth noting that currently, IMDB has Zachary Quinto penciled in for that 2023 Star Trek movie but that feels like nothing more than speculation right now. He’s set to be in the pilot for Biopunk and then the thriller Abandoned about a haunted house. So for now, Spock will have to wait. 

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