Yellowstone Stars Want Big Raises For Spinoff

By Charlene Badasie | Updated


Yellowstone actors Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes are reportedly asking for substantial salary increases to reprise their roles in the upcoming spinoff series. The trio wasn’t initially supposed to appear in the new show but had a change of heart when he realized their involvement could attract viewers familiar with the flagship series.

Hauser And Reilly Asking For Over A Million Per Episode

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Reilly, Hauser, and Grimes, who play Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and Kayce Dutton, respectively, have been integral to Yellowstone since its premiere in 2018. Their staggering asking prices include $1.5 million per episode for Reily and $1.25 million for Hauser. Both actors are also vying for top billing on the production call sheet, even above the rumored Yellowstone spinoff star, Matthew McConaughey.

Kevin Costner Left Yellowstone

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Since the actors were initially contracted for a sixth season of Yellowstone, which is no longer happening due to Kevin Costner’s departure from the series, Paramount is obligated to pay them for the canceled season. The studio is rumored to be considering using the pending salary for the stars’ proposed raises, but the trio is gearing up to challenge it.

Costner Left The Show To Return To Movies

The uncertainty surrounding Yellowstone’s future began in early 2023 when reports surfaced about Costner’s desire to exit the show amid rumors of a feud with series creator Taylor Sheridan. However, Sheridan clarified that Costner’s decision was driven by his commitment to work on the two-part film Horizon: An American Saga.

Yellowstone Season 5 Has Been Delayed

As a result, Yellowstone is set to conclude with its fifth season, which faced lengthy production delays due to SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Fans still hope that Costner will return to wrap up John Dutton’s story in the final episodes. However, the actor’s statement in court documents related to his divorce from Christine Baumgartner indicated that he is not involved in any future episodes.

Matthew McConaughey Rumored For Spinoff

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As Yellowstone bids farewell, two spinoffs are in the works. The first, tentatively titled 2024, will continue the story after the flagship series. While McConaughey is rumored to be attached, reports suggest he has not officially signed due to scheduling conflicts with ongoing movie projects. His asking price of $2.5 million per episode has also reportedly prolonged negotiations.

A Stand-Alone Spinoff

Sheridan had previously stated that he wanted the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff to be enjoyable, even for those unfamiliar with the original series. Achieving this goal necessitates assembling a strong cast capable of carrying the narrative independently. So, choosing McConaughey as the lead star seemed like the perfect fit.

Michelle Pfeiffer Coming To Yellowstone?

However, McConaughey may not be the only big-name star joining the Yellowstone spinoff. Rumors suggest that three-time Oscar nominee Michelle Pfeiffer is in discussions for a major role, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Despite the excitement surrounding these prospects, there remains limited information about the show.

Yellowstone 1944 Is Another Prequel


Meanwhile, another spinoff, titled 1944, is in the works. The story is said to explore the lives of an earlier Dutton generation, following the successful format established by prequels 1883 and 1923. Given that Yellowstone’s final episodes are only set to air in November, the spinoffs won’t be hitting screens for some time.