New Wolverine Set To Appear In Upcoming Marvel Movie?

After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it appears that the multiverse is going to go wild, and now Wolverine is rumored to appear soon.

By James Brizuela | Updated

hugh jackman wolverine

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened the floodgates for the multiverse, meaning that characters from all iterations of Marvel whether from the actual MCU, Sony, or Fox can now collectively show up in each other’s universes. Doctor Strange 2 is now set to shake things up even more, as the newest trailer dropped a familiar voice in Patrick Stewart allegedly returning as Professor Xavier, though he has since refuted those claims. Don’t lie to us, Mr. Stewart. With the presumed appearance of the mutants, considering Scarlet Witch is one, there are heavy rumors that Wolverine could return to live-action screens. This rumor comes by way of a Tweet by a writer for the Illuminerdi. You can read the tweet below:

Everyone can take this rumor with a grain of salt, or just as fan speculation. However, fans are clamoring to see the fan-favorite character portrayed by Hugh Jackman. The tweet states that he will not be the one playing Wolverine, instead, we might be seeing a brand-new actor take on the role. This might not be too shocking considering the heavy rumors surrounding Doctor Strange 2, including a Tom Cruise version of Iron Man appearing. With how crazy Spider-Man got in terms of cameos, Marvel might be pulling out all stops on their multiverse-based films. And why not? Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a massive success and is now the #3 all-time highest-grossing film in the US.

Although everyone wants to see Hugh Jackman return, it might no longer be in the cards, even as a quick cameo as Wolverine. Then again, there could be some smoke and mirrors being used to persuade fans that Jackman won’t return, so the shock value of him returning will be that much greater. It might also just be time to move on from that universe and bring in an all-new cast to play the X-Men. Well, apart from Sir Patrick Stewart that is, considering that was one of the most perfect casted characters in comic book movie history. The multiverse can be whatever it would like to be, as there are endless versions of every single character, so it doesn’t matter who ends up playing who in the grand scheme of things.

If WandaVision brought in the first instances of mutants, and now the mutants are set to be an integral part of the MCU, then a new Wolverine is needed. Someone with enough pizazz to allow us to forget a bit about Jackman. Not that anyone would because he was also one of the most perfect casted characters. However, we might have to just move on from that and welcome a brand-new Logan into our hearts. The X-Men do need their time to develop and return as a crucial part of the MCU considering how many amazing storylines have involved the mutants.

Although we are meant to wait a while before a potential new Wolverine is revealed, fans can start speculating who might be the one to take on the mantle and claws. There are plenty of amazing actors who are aching to make their way into the highly successful MCU. Our vote is for Keanu Reeves, though he might be a bit too old now for such a role. Either way, Doctor Strange 2 is set to premiere on May 6, 2022. All our questions and predictions will be answered soon enough. Hopefully, the X-Men are going to be a focal point for the foreseeable future.