William Shatner Supports The Latest Controversial Star Trek Move

Star Trek is one of the most beloved science-fiction properties in the world, and William Shatner has now voiced his approval of the property's controversial move.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The world of NFTs and digital artwork has exploded. Several figures have thrown their hat in the ring when it comes to special NFTs that showcase their lives via these online collectibles. Famous actors like Brie Larson, Sylvester Stallone, and even Bill Murray have jumped on board with this new way of trading. Star Trek is now one of the bigger properties that have released a line of NFTs. In fact, the new line of NFTs called the Admiral Pack, which were priced at $250 apiece, sold out in a record five minutes on Saturday morning. The famous William Shatner also had his own line of NFTs, which led to his minimal surprise when the Admiral Pack collectibles sold out. He is also in full support of the controversial means of these collectibles. According to Captain James T. Kirk, “I had an NFT event a few years ago, and they sold out in seven minutes. So, I am not surprised, and I am very happy about it. The NFT space is a whole horizon that is edging up. People presume knowledge, but we really don’t have it because things are changing so rapidly in the metaverse world. I’ve tried to keep up. There is no question it is going to be a world on its own.”

William Shatner is certainly right about one thing, this whole metaverse world seems to be taking over. People are buying up virtual pieces of land so that they can claim to be right next door to their favorite celebrities. Plenty of actors and beyond are releasing their own lines of NFTs as well. While the general opinion on the matter seems to be divided, it also appears as if the cryptocurrency “fad” is not going away any time soon. More and more people seem to be educating themselves on buying and selling NFTs, and if more famous properties get in on the craze, it could be a matter of time until everyone is trading in only digital artwork and collectibles.

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Most of us don’t understand what an NFT truly is, and that includes William Shatner. He added, “You have these spaceships being offered as an NFT. I am going to do a musical number that’ll be an NFT. So, we don’t quite know what an NFT is. We know it’s non-fungible, but what does that mean? And what is its future? Is it a work of art, or is it a work of curiosity?” That is a question that a lot of us are still wondering. What is an NFT, and why does it matter so much? Well, if it’s a collectible, that is all that matters. People flock to collecting items from their favorite universes, so it stands to reason that this new wave of digitally collecting things would be popular.

Star Trek and William Shatner are both massively popular, so it makes sense that a line of NFTs dedicated to one of the most beloved science-fiction properties would go crazy. The moment that Star Wars gets in on the craze, best believe those will sell out too. That might not happen considering Disney owns that property and they are all about making their own money with it, but the future profits from these NFTs might push Disney in that direction. One thing is for sure, owning a rare musical number from Shatner might be worth shelling out some good money. It would only be yours. That is how NFTs work, we think.

For now, everyone who couldn’t get in on this Admiral Pack of NFT collectibles might look to the digital trading space to see if they can secure one. There are still NFTs available that are part of the Captain Pack. Those are also priced at $250 apiece. The Admiral Pack is clearly far more popular, but maybe just wait for William Shatner to release his next line.

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