Wednesday Season 2 Loses Multiple Lead Actors

By Douglas Helm | Published

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Netflix’s gothic Addams Family spin-off Wednesday is returning for a second season, but some of the series regulars from the first season will have a reduced role in Season 2. Netflix released the list of regular and guest stars for the second season, and Percy Hynes White, James McShane, and Namoi J Ogawa were all taken off the series regular list.

From Regular To Guest Star

Only James McShane appeared on the cast list for Wednesday Season 2 as a guest star. He will reprise his role as Sheriff Donovan Galpin, who had a significant storyline in the first season involving his son Tyler, portrayed by Hunter Doohan. McShane’s guest appearance should help tie up some loose ends from his Season 1 storyline, while Doohan is set to reprise his role as a series regular.

More Cast Shake Ups

Fans are speculating that Sheriff Donovan Galpin may exit the Wednesday Season 2 due to the traumatic events of the first season, and his deputy Ritchie Santiago would take his place as Sheriff. This is supported by the fact that Luyanda Unati Lewis Nyawo, who played Ritchie, was promoted to a series regular for the second season. Sheriff Galpin’s character being shuffled off the show makes sense, but the bigger question mark is Percy Hynes White’s complete absence on the cast list.

External Factors Forced One Ouster

Percy Hynes White had a major role in Season 1 as the psychic Xavier Thorpe, who was also a romantic interest for Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams. Given that his character was alive and well in the finale, it would make sense that his character returns for Wednesday Season 2. However, it’s possible that external factors led to White’s absence for the season.

Back in January 2023, now-deleted anonymous social media posts accused White of sexual assault, though White issued a statement denying all allegations and calling the posts “misinformation.” While there were some rumors swirling that White wouldn’t return for Wednesday Season 2, sources indicated to Deadline that he had an offer extended to return to the cast. Regardless of the reasoning, don’t expect to see Xavier Thorpe returning to Nevermore when the new season airs.

Underutilized During Her Time On The Show

Namoi J Ogawa’s absence from Wednesday Season 2 is likely due to Ogawa moving on to other projects. Her character, Yoko Tanaka, didn’t have a major storyline for the first season, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to return if her character continued to be relegated to the background. Of course, there are plenty of new and returning stars for fans of the series to look forward to seeing.

The Growing Cast Of Season 2

jenna ortega wednesday

The full cast list of Wednesday Season 2 sees Jenna Ortega reprising the lead role as well as series regulars Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, Joy Sunday, Moosa Mostafa, Victor Dorobantu, and Georgie Farmer returning. New additions to the series regulars list include Steve Buscemi, Billie Piper, Evie Templeton, Noah Taylor, and Owen Painter. Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Isaac Ordonex, and Lewis-Nyawo have been upgraded from recurring stars to series regulars.

For guest stars, Joanna Lumley, Thandiwe Newton, Fraces O’Connor, Haley Joel Osment, Heather Matarazzo, Joonas Suotamo, Fred Armisen, and Christopher Llyod will pop up throughout Wednesday Season 2. Production has already begun on the season and we can expect a 2025 release. Stay tuned for more news about Wednesday and other Netflix originals.