An Unexpected Vin Diesel Movie Is Getting A Sequel

Vin Diesel has a new franchise on his hands, and the first sequel is on the way.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Vin Diesel will be winding down his involvement with the Fast & Furious franchise in the next few years, but it looks like he already has another potential series on the way. And it could lead to a large cinematic universe that might become its own enormous endeavor.

The Vin Diesel superhero action film Bloodshot (read our review) had quite a rough release. It was actually one of the last wide-release movies to come out in 2020 before major movie theater chains shut down. Because of this, Bloodshot had to shift its release strategy over to video-on-demand. Apparently, this worked out well enough for the studio, DMG Entertainment, to greenlight a sequel to the movie. Yes, we will be getting Bloodshot 2.

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Part of the decision to make a sequel to Bloodshot with Vin Diesel has to do with the Valiant Universe, a comic book universe filled with a variety of superheroes. There has actually been another official film in this universe called Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe that premiered on YouTube. In this movie, the Bloodshot character is played by Jason David Frank, who is best known for playing Tommy a.k.a. the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Though it doesn’t have Vin Diesel, you can watch the entirety of Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe right here:

It is assumed that Bloodshot 2 will help to better kick off an interconnected Valiant Universe. That would make Vin Diesel act as the Tony Stark of this new superhero cinematic universe. There is a good chance that Bloodshot will function much in the same way that Iron Man did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Using him as a springboard for other characters in the Valiant Universe would make a lot of sense.

That is especially true since the Valiant Universe is not nearly as well known as the Marvel or DC stable of characters. Having someone like Vin Diesel anchor the franchise is a good idea and could attract other notable actors to play the superheroes of the Valiant Universe. In fact, it is extremely likely that Bloodshot 2 will integrate some other notable Valiant Universe superheroes into its story. That way, they can organically spinoff into their own standalone films.


However, it is unclear exactly when we can expect to see Bloodshot 2 on the big screen. Vin Diesel still has two more Fast & Furious films to make before he ends his association with that series. How Bloodshot 2 will slot into the schedule for those two blockbusters remains to be seen. As of this writing, it is not certain if Bloodshot 2 is going to get fast-tracked or how quickly the studio wants to get it developed.

It is going to be interesting to see if Vin Diesel is able to parlay Bloodshot 2 into a full-blown cinematic universe or not. And it will be intriguing to see what other Valiant Universe characters pop up in Bloodshot 2. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for Zephyr and X-O Manowar.