Tom Bergeron Vows To Screw Dancing With The Stars After Firing

By Robert Scucci | Published

It’s been a few years since Tom Bergeron’s dismissal from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and the former host has recently opened up about the events that led to his exit from the long-running series. During his appearance on the Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans podcast, Bergeron revealed that after renewing his contract for three more seasons in 2019, he was going at it with the producers of the show over a disagreement on their casting choices. The main source of conflict was that Bergeron urged the producers of the show to not cast any political figures in the show’s 28th season, but they ended up casting Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

Tom Bergeron Disagreed With The Choice To Cast Political Figures

Tom Bergeron revealed that he had a number of conversations with the Dancing with the Stars producers over whether they should cast political figures or not, and the former host suggested at the time that the show should be an escape from politics, not a reminder of them. After agreeing with Bergeron, the producers cast Spicer on the show anyway. Feeling like he had been lied too, Bergeron put the show on blast on Twitter, letting fans know that he was deceived, and that he was outraged over their decision.

Tom Bergeron Felt Deceived Before Being Let Go

At the height of the drama, Tom Bergeron offered to take the season off, but the producers decided to terminate his contract instead.

Tom Bergeron did not mince his words when he said that his issue wasn’t with the political party that was being represented, but rather the presence of anything related to politics at all. In his own words, he stated that shows like Dancing with the Stars are supposed to be an escape from the political discourse that we’re constantly being bombarded with through our media outlets. Though Bergeron voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, he maintains that if she or anybody from her party were cast on the show, he’d have the same reaction.

Tom Bergeron Stands By His Choices

At the height of the drama, Tom Bergeron knew that his days on Dancing with the Stars were numbered because he publicly put his producers on blast, which compromised his position on the show. But he stands behind his words, and his fans agreed with him on social media. Though Spicer was voted out of the series after being mocked on social media, and by the show’s judges, the damage had already been done.

Dancing With The Stars Today

After 15 years hosting the show, America’s Next Top Model creator and host, Tyra Banks, took over on hosting duties, replacing Tom Bergeron.

Now that some time has passed, Tom Bergeron has been more open about his falling out with the Dancing with the Stars producers, but he doesn’t regret any of his own actions. He wants everybody to know that the producers threw a curve-ball, and made a casting decision that he couldn’t get behind, and felt like the show was going in the wrong direction and becoming the worst version of itself.

Will Tom Bergeron Ever Return?

dancing with the stars

Tom Bergeron has stated that he’ll never return to the show over this betrayal, and it certainly seems that he’s going to stick to his word. As of this writing, ABC has made no comment on Bergeron’s most recent statement.