Titanic Sub Disappearance Is Already Being Turned Into A Documentary

A documentary is being made by British film company ITN about the lost Titanic sub and it's airing this week.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

A new documentary detailing the recent disappearance of the Titanic tourist sub called Titan is in the works, Variety reports. Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea is set to air on the UK broadcaster Channel 5 Thursday night. It looks to explore the people on board and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance in greater detail than the news has covered thus far.

Titan descended into the depths of the northern Atlantic Ocean Sunday to explore the remains of the Titanic. Aboard the Titanic sub were five people: three businessmen, one of whom brought his 19-year-old son and a former French Navy diver.

Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea is being produced by ITN, a UK production company known for fast turnaround films about trending news topics. ITN said in a statement that the film will explore the rise of extreme tourism, detail the rescue efforts, and shed light on who the endangered passengers are. 5 News host Dan Walker will present the documentary.

ITN assures that Titanic Sub will, like its past documentary films, treat the subject matter with respect and sensitivity. All aboard the vessel are reported to have families.

Rescue efforts have been underway since the Titanic sub lost contact about one hour and 45 minutes into its journey. The vessel is equipped with a 96-hour oxygen supply, making a breakthrough by Thursday morning critical.

A collective effort by government agencies and ocean specialists is still underway. Banging sounds have been detected and investigated below the surface but have not yielded further discoveries. It is unknown how close the vessel made it to the Titanic.

titanic suvivor

Conditions aboard the Titanic sub are estimated to be brutal. As oxygen dwindles, temperatures are expected to be low, with frost forming inside the vessel. Food and water are also likely to have been expended by this point.

The next several hours are critical and will vastly affect the slant of the Titanic Sub documentary. Wednesday night carries the potential for a harrowing rescue or a bleak tragedy. By the time 5 News presents the story Thursday night, there still may not be clear answers to many of the questions at play.

The trip down to the wreckage was offered by OceanGate Expeditions, a company that offers the extreme tourism experience for $250,000 a head, per the company’s website. The trips are taken in specially designed Titanic exploration subs built to seat five and withstand the conditions 13,000 feet below the surface where the Titanic resides.

Extreme tourism, such as OceanGate Expedition’s Titanic Sub experience or Virgin Galactic’s commercial space flights, is projected to become more common in the coming years. The latest tragedy around the missing Titanic sub may impact potential extreme tourists considering embarking on such dangerous leisure experiences.

The world watches and waits as the rescue effort continues in a race against the clock. News outlets like CNN and Fox are covering the situation in real-time, and the Titanic Sub documentary will provide deeper context to the event when it airs tomorrow evening.